The Floral-Embroidered Sheath Dress


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This dress was another “love at first sight” purchase!  I was so excited when it went on sale!  It’s so gorgeous isn’t it?!?! The details are so ornate and intricate.  And the floral colors are very vibrant; they literally bounce off the dress. And it fits me perfectly! As I’ve mentioned before, New York & Company has perfected the sheath dress and this dress is the exact example of that statement.  It’s great quality and it’s super comfortable! Love it! What do you think of this dress? Are you feeling then embroidery trend?

Speak to you soon!


Make a Statement with Stripes


Top (In Store Only) SimilarNY & Company  PantsNY & Company  HeelsTarget

Happy Monday Lovelies!  I hope you’re having a wonderful day off.  As promised, this week I’m featuring some of my favorite pieces from New York & Company.  I’m starting off with a pretty casual look that would be great for a day like today when most of us are headed to family cookouts and barbecues.  It would also be perfect to wear to work.  This look features the very popular off-the-shoulder top and these very sleek and chic pull-on pants.  To be honest, this was a very easy outfit to put together.  That’s the thing about New York & Company; most of their pieces are perfect for mixing and matching.  What do you think about this look?!?!  Let me know in the comments below.

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The Workwear Brand You Should Try

When I find something I like, I usually stick with it.  This could be why I am still shopping at New York & Company almost 15 years after I bought my first pair of jeans from there. Only now, I buy more than jeans. I can basically go there and get some pieces for work, for the weekend, and for those days that I’m lounging around on my couch.  They have a mixture of great pieces that are trendy and classic. I have found great dresses, tops, and pants, as well as beautiful accessories including jewelry and handbags. The options there are endless.  Below I have featured some past looks including some of my favorite New York & Company pieces.  I’m also sharing 5 reasons that I love this store!


1. New York & Company’s pencil skirts are ultra-flattering. And they’re always figuring out new ways to incorporate them into the professional wardrobe. This skirt is still one of my faves. The faux leather material gives me that edgy look yet it’s still very sleek.


2. Their tops are always trendy but perfect for those of us who want to be fashionable yet professional.  The colors, patterns, and fabric of New York & Company’s tops never fail to amaze me.


3. I’m a tall girl so most of the time I like to buy pants with a long inseam.  Some stores don’t carry a “Tall” pant but New York & Company does.  This is just another reason why I purchase most of my dress pants and jeans from there.  P.S. They also carry “Petite”.  And if you can’t find the length that you want in the store, go on their website.


4. Looking for a nice holiday outfit? Look no further than New York & Company.  This dress was featured in my “Last Minute Holiday Office Parties Outfit Ideas” post a few months ago.  I received so many compliments on this dress.  Definitely worth the purchase.


5. The “Sheath” Dress!  In my opinion, New York & Company has perfected the fit of the sheath dress.  I haven’t found many that fit as great as the one’s from New York & Company.  The length is on point and it hugs your body in just the right places.

Another reason that I love New York & Company is because they have the best sales! Head over to their site and you’ll see what I’m talking about!

Also, stay tuned this week as I will feature some of my favorite New York & Company pieces in my closet right now.

Speak to you soon!


Casual Friday: 5 Tips for Perfect Airport Style

Happy Friday Lovelies! Last week I went on a business trip to Orlando, FL.  While preparing for my trip, I spent a lot of time trying to figure out what I was going to wear to the airport.  I wanted to be stylish but still comfortable.  It took me awhile to decide that I would just wear all black and add a few accessories to make the look stand out.  

I then figured that if I was having such trouble with trying to achieve perfect airport style, my followers have probably experienced the same thing.  So I decided to make that a little easier for you by providing some of my tips for achieving great airport style.  Let me know what you think of these in the comments below.


1. Stylish, Yet Comfy Shoes.  Initially, I threw on a pair of black pumps to finish off my all black look. I was feeling myself and my entire outfit but I knew the pumps wouldn’t last.  And after getting lost in the airport before finally finding the baggage check location, I kicked the pumps off and threw on my black flats.  So my advice would be to opt for a cute pair of flats like these here or even a pair of sneakers such as Converse or Nikes.

2. Dress in Layers.  The airport is cold and so is the airplane (unless you’re flying with one of those low budget airlines).  I brought my black blazer with me which was great because I could easily remove it if I got uncomfortable.  Try this blazer here.

3. When in doubt, wear black.  The thing about flying is that while you’re in the airport, you may do a lot of walking around and once you get on the airplane, you’re stuck there for hours at a time.  So, you want to be as comfortable as possible.  This is why I suggest all black.  It allows for comfort as well as style.  Black streamline’s your look; therefore, giving you a clean, put together outfit.  These black jeans would be a great addition to your all black look.

4. Skip a carry on. Go for a stylish bag. I didn’t feel like lugging a carry-on around the airport the whole time; So, I decided to just carry my tote.  It’s large so I was able to fit all of my essentials in there.  And the flight attendant warned me that if I fell asleep, my tote would probably come up missing lol!  She was just kidding but that just affirmed how cute it was :-).  The one that I own is an old buy from Aldo; However, I love this one!

5. To finish your look, Add sunglasses. A cute bag, cute shoes, and a pair of fly sunglasses go a long way; especially when added to an all black ensemble.  Sunglasses can transform even the most casual of looks into the realm of chicness.  Also, they hide those puffy eyes if you haven’t really awoken yet.  Here are a pair of my faves!

Well that’s it!  The thing about airport style is that it only takes one piece to take it to another level.  So whether you’re wearing a fly pair of sunglasses or an eye-catching bag, there is no doubt that you can achieve impeccable airport style when you go for simple, yet chic.  What are some of your tips for achieving perfect airport style?

Speak to you soon!


Make a Statement – 3 Tips for Wearing all Black

My favorite color to wear is black; mainly, because it’s slimming and it hides the bulge; also, because it gives me that effortlessly chic look without having to try too hard. Black just looks good! I love it but, if it isn’t worn correctly, black can look drab and boring. So I have listed a few tips to keep in mind when wearing all black. I hope this helps you out!


Blazer H&M  TopASOS PantsOld Navy  PumpsBCBG  BagAldo

1. Make sure the black is crisp and fresh; meaning, not faded unless you’re going for that look. My purpose for wearing black is usually to look chic and effortless. A less washed out black gives you that look. Also to add to the fresh and crispness, keep a lint brush on hand. As you probably know, black picks up a lot of lint. So try to carry around a small lint brush to keep your black looking clean and fresh.

2. Fit is also important. The good thing about black is that it’s slimming. The benefit of black being slimming is that your clothes can be more fitted. So if you want to show off your curves, black is the perfect color for that. Go for shape instead of shapeless.

3. Add a statement piece. Wearing all black makes a statement all on its own. But, adding one stand out piece whether it is an antique-style statement necklace like the one I have on in this photo, a statement bag, a bright colored shoe, or even a bright colored blazer, is sure to add that extra pop to your all black ensemble. A pop of color on your lip can do the trick as well.

How do you wear your black?  Let me know in the comments below.  Speak to you soon!


Casual Friday: Floral Palazzo Pants


TopASOS  PantsTarget  HeelsSteve Madden  BagH&M

Target has to be one of my favorite places to shop right now.  They have some of the cutest trendy pieces that also tend to fit perfectly.  Last week I featured this bomber jacket from there and this week I’m featuring these lovely palazzo pants.  Not only are they cute, but they are comfy, long (for my leggy girls), lightweight (perfect for warm weather), AND they have pockets!  When I tell you that these pants are the most comfortable pants ever, you have to believe me!  I paired them with one of my favorite off the shoulder tops from ASOS and these pretty wedges from DSW.  See! You can be stylish and comfortable all at once.  What do you think of this look?!?! Let me know in the comments section.

Speak to you soon!


Blush Dress + Black Sandals

IMG_5467IMG_5487maybe 2IMG_5488IMG_5459

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I’m incorporating a little pink into my wardrobe today; Mainly, because I love the way it contrasts with black; But also because this pale pink or “mink pink” feels and looks very “Springy” to me.  This dress is perfect for the weather that we are experiencing today in Atlanta.  It’s nice and comfy!   How’s the weather in your city today!  Let me know in the comments below!

Speak to you soon!