5 Simple Ways To Add A Pop Of Color

Happy Friday Lovelies! Today I decided to switch it up a little bit.  I’m giving you some pops of red all over the place. I threw on my usual red lippy and red nail polish.  But last weekend, I found these adorable red single sole heels at JCPenney and this red bag from Target.  So I wanted to incorporate both of them into my Casual Friday look this week. And I wanted to give you some ways to add a little color to your looks as well.  So here are five simple ways to add a pop of color to your outfit!



Find a brightly colored pair of shoes; whether it is heels or flats.  There are so many colors that you could go for when adding that pop.  Try yellow, blue, pink, or even orange. However, I love how red looks as an accent color.



Another great way to add a pop of color is by adding a vibrant bag to your look.  I especially like to do this when I’m wearing all black or black and white.  If you feel like your all black look is lacking something, try adding a cute red purse.



I love adding scarves to my outfit.  They always add a bit of chicness to my casual looks. Try a colorful skinny scarf with a white tee shirt and some jeans.  Then add a solid colored belt that is one of the colors in that scarf.  It will completely transform your look. Never underestimate the power of a beautiful scarf.



See my statements above.  An easy and more subtle way to incorporate color into your outfit is by adding a bright belt.  Belts potentially help to cinch your waist and bring attention to your waists slimness taking your outfit to the next level.



Makeup is one of my favorite ways to add a pop of color.  It’s probably the easiest as well.  I usually go for a bright red lipstick or a bright pink lipstick as my pop of lip color.  But, I would even suggest a bright eye shadow or a bright eyeliner.  A little bit of colorful makeup goes a long way; Especially if the rest of your outfit is neutral.


Top (Similar)JCPenney  JeansForever 21  BackpackTarget  HeelsJCPenney

This outfit has to be one of my favorite casual looks that I’ve featured so far. Everything about it is trendy which usually isn’t my thing, but I love how fun these pieces are.  My poplin top features these cute ruffles with the “cold shoulder” detail that is very in right now. It’s sexy but still pretty casual and chic.

And these little red shoes are amazing. They’re a little shorter than what I normally wear, but I love them! My mini backpack is another trendy piece that is also on sale right now. Make sure you check out all of these pieces by clicking the links above.  I hope you have an amazing weekend!

Speak to you soon!


5 Tips to Live Happily and Feel Good

Today I’m featuring this lovely jumpsuit from ASOS.  And I’m sharing ways that I go about maintaining my happiness.  It’s not an easy task, but my sanity is important to me. So, I make a conscious effort to keep it in check.  Here are some ways I do that.


Don’t Compare Yourself to Others

Someone once told me that comparing yourself to others is abuse to one’s self. It’s basically mental and emotional abuse. The more you compare yourself to others, the more you put yourself down. The more you start to think less of yourself. Comparison leads to insecurity and depression. And who wants that. So instead of looking at what someone else has going on, don’t. Start focusing on how great you are and the strengths that you have. Learn to be okay with not being perfect and take some time to count your own blessings.


Make Decisions for Your Own Well-Being

Everything you do needs to be for you. Meaning that the decisions you make in life should sit well in your heart. They should make you feel good. And they should never be about what anyone else thinks. You have to do what’s best and right for you. Of course, this also applies to your style. Your style should be a reflection of you and what you like. It shouldn’t be influenced by anyone else.


Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway

This statement is also the name of a book that I’m reading.  It means that it’s okay to fear some things.  However, fear should not stop you from moving forward and conquering that thing that you most fear. Believe me, once you conquer fear happiness is around the corner. I feared becoming a blogger, but I am so happy that I decided to do it because it has opened the door to so many opportunities. There are other things in life that I fear as well, but I am determined that fear will not keep me from moving forward in life.  These two books have taught me so much about the importance of facing your fears.  You should read them: Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway by Susan Jeffers and Year of Yes by Shonda Rhimes.


Embrace Your Flaws, But Show Off Your Best Features

I mentioned this statement in my post on Monday. But, I will reiterate the importance of embracing all of you – the good and the bad. Love yourself.  Put less focus on the bad; and more on the great! As a matter of fact, remind yourself of your greatness daily.  And for those flaws, try to make them better.  If you can’t fix those flaws (the physical ones), move on.  Focus on the positive.


Help Someone Else

There is nothing like the feeling of helping others and putting a smile on someone’s face. It’s enough to make the most unhappy person cheerful. If you want to experience that happiness, do something for others. Volunteer and give back. It’s that simple.


JumpsuitASOS  Heels (Similar) – Steve Madden  BagMichael Kors

Another thing that makes me happy is getting dressed up! Dressing up for any occasion literally brightens my mood.  Even if you’re not one of those people who like to get dressed up everyday.  Try doing it at least once a week.  I can guarantee that your day will go a little better.  Oh and look out for a remix of this jumpsuit in the Fall.  I see myself wearing it with a cute cream colored turtleneck and some booties.  What do you think?

Speak to you soon!


Make a Statement by Flaunting Your Best Assets

Happy Monday Lovelies! I pretty much take pictures every week now that I’m a blogger and it’s allowing me to really recognize the parts of my figure that I love the most.  And it’s a great feeling.


We spend so much time fussing over what we dislike about our bodies.  For example, I’ve always wanted a six-pack and cellulite free thighs.  I worked out really hard in the past to get them.


But guess what, after having my son that is the furthest thing from my mind.  After having him, I began to focus on how my body could benefit him, i.e breastfeeding.  Once you realize that your body serves a purpose other than being sexy, you learn to appreciate it more.


So now I spend less time complaining about what I dislike about my body and more time focusing on the beauty of my body.  I realized that I love my legs and my new hips and this new booty that I have.


I appreciate the fact that I was able to bring a baby into this world and provide him with that “liquid gold”.  I am thankful that my body allows to me to be the best person that I can be.


We should take pride in our soft tummies, our curvy hips, our soft skin, our svelte silhouettes, and all of our curves or lack there of.  My body isn’t perfect but it works and I’m thankful for that.


DressASOS  ChokerForever 21  LipstickSephora  Heels (Similar)Steve Madden

So I say to you, flaunt your best assets.  Instead of hiding your “flaws”, spend time focusing on what you love about your body!  Trust me, there’s definitely more to love!

Speak to you soon!


Casual Friday: What’s in My Shopping Cart

My favorite pass time is online shopping. I can spend hours scrolling through pages and pages of “New Arrivals” while online “window” shopping. Sometimes I even have a glass of wine too. It’s a good time for me! I get excited about the newest trends. So, I start imaging what I’m going to purchase for the next season, and how I’m going to style it. Of course, my next step is throwing all of these pieces that I love in “my bag”.  I end up with a “shopping bag” full of clothes that I may or may not purchase.

Last week, while scrolling through the pieces in my bag (trying to see if any prices had dropped), I thought why not share my bag with my subscribers. So, I decided to share some of those items with you today.   These basic pieces are perfect additions to your wardrobe.  And all of them are from my favorite online store, ASOS.

First Column

  1. ASOS Playdate High Heels
  2. Boohoo Polka Dot Pussybow Blouse
  3. Missguided Tall Wide Leg Pants
  4. ASOS Shawl Collar Wrap Dress

Second Column

  1. ASOS Fuller Bust Shirt in Stretch Cotton
  2. Dune Dertina Tote Bag With Envelope Pocket
  3. ASOS Wide Leg Pants with Pleat Detail
  4. ASOS TALL Tux Dress with Shoulder Pads and Gold Buttons

Third Column

  1. ASOS Tote Bag With Ring Detail
  2. ASOS MAYHEM Wide Fit Brogues
  3. ASOS Wrap Jumpsuit with Self Belt
  4. French Connection Scallop V Neck Dress

Final Clearance Sale! Up to 70% off select styles. Starting 8/7 3 am GMT.

Which one of these pieces are you going to try?  Speak to you soon!


The Gift and Curse of Minding Your Own Business

I am someone who has always done my best to mind my own business.  Unless, someone feels comfortable enough to open up to me, I usually don’t question people about their personal matters because they’re personal.  I’ve always been that way.  I think it’s because I had things that I wanted to accomplish in life; And to put energy into what others had going on would only slow down my own process.  Again, if ever someone needed an open ear, I’ve always been open to listen but I am never one to pry into someone’s personal affairs.  I have a one track mind and that is to accomplish my goals and do what makes me happy.  I still have that one track mind; only now it includes taking care of my son’s needs as well.

I consider minding my own business to be a gift because it keeps me out of a lot of other people’s drama and it means that I have less to worry about.  It also means that I can focus on my own goals.

Now lets get to the curse of minding my own business.  The curse of minding my own business is that I become very oblivious to whats going on around me. I can be quite unaware and fully distracted from the outside world.  So much, that I have to be told by my loved ones that there are people around me who do not wish me well.  That there are people who compare their lives to mine and wonder why and how I do the things that I do.

I guess I’ve always thought that if a person showed positive interest in what I was doing in my life, that meant that they wanted me to succeed.  But it seems that some only ask about your life just hoping that you will have something bad to say.  It’s crazy because though I don’t pay attention during these moments, others do.  The truth of the matter is, I can’t make anyone wish me well.  I can only control my own feelings.  And I definitely don’t want to get into the habit of caring about what others think of me.

The message of not comparing yourself to others and doing what makes you happy has been blasting in my ear from so many sources lately.  So I had to speak on it myself.  The lesson in this short post is mind your own business.  This means do and focus on what makes you happy.  Don’t compare yourself to others because you have no idea what those people are going through in their personal lives.  Learn to be happy for other’s success and less threatened by their success.  Work hard so that you can be great and accomplish all that you want out of life.  But don’t try to put someone else down or wish someone pain just because you aren’t happy with you own life.

The other lesson is, pay attention to the people that you spend most of your time around. Listen to them.  And don’t just assume that everyone wishes you well. Now, that I’m off my soap box, I hope that you have a wonderful day.  And please strive for happiness!

Speak to you soon!


3 Style Tips That Create a Sleek Silhouette

We are halfway through the week and I’m here to give give you a few style tips that will make you look long and lean in your next outfit!  Hopefully you will already have the pieces that I’m about to mention in your closet.


The old faithful “vertical stripes make you look slimmer” happens to be true.  I mean look at these pants that I’m wearing.  They only have one vertical stripe on the side but that one stripe makes the eye look up and down which creates the illusion of a long silhouette.


A long cardigan is also a great way to add inches to your torso making you appear taller and hence thinner. This is great because long cardigans and kimonos are currently high on the trend radar!


High heels make you look slimmer as well.  But, I learned a while back that a pump with a low vamp, adds length to your legs as well; Therefore making you look taller and more lean.


And lastly, black is another tip for appearing leaner in your outfit; Particularly, all black! We all have black in our closet. Don’t we?


CardiganBoohoo  CamiNY & Company  PantsNY & Company  HeelsTarget

I love the sporty vibe of these black palazzo pants that come from the contrasting white stripe on the side.  These pants are effortlessly flattering and seem to be a trend that won’t be going away anytime soon (See here and here).

What are some of your tips for creating a slimmer and leaner looking silhouette?

Speak to you soon!


The Perfect Summer Dress for the Office

Happy Monday Lovelies! Last week I did a great job with being consistent.  I blogged three times on my own blog, and I also blogged for Get INSPIRED.  Not only that, I posted every day on Instagram as well.  Your girl was very busy.


There were a few hiccups, of course; My son was sick. He is my number one priority, so I had to nurse him back to health.  He is getting close to being 100% again. Thank God for that!


There are a few other things that happened that could have been huge deterrents in what I was trying to accomplish last week.  But I chose not to let those obstacles keep me from accomplishing my objectives.  There was a lesson to be learned though.  PLAN AHEAD!


To be honest, I’m still not the best at planning my blog posts.  I would love to have my blog posts completed a month in advance, but right now that’s just not how I work best.  So when I get distracted during the week by life’s happenings, I could end up not posting like I should.  I worked hard this week to not let that happen.  But I learned that I have to do a better job of completing my posts in advance even if it’s a week or two.


It’s funny because I just gave this advice to another blogger last week.  I guess we all have the same problems as bloggers.  Here’s to another great week filled with consistent greatness!

IMG_9883Now let’s get to this dress.  Summer is coming to an end but there’s still time to get some wear out of your favorite floral pieces.  This beautiful maxi dress features the most amazing floral print, a faux-wrap design, a surplice neckline, 3/4 sleeves, a self-tie sash belt, and a flowy silhouette.


This is one of those dresses that would look great on just about anyone because of how it cinches right under the bust and then flares out.  It’s very flattering.  I also like that even though the neckline is a little low, it’s still not revealing.  Therefore, it’s perfect for the office, lunch, weddings,  brunch, and day parties.


DressForever 21  HeelsTarget  BagNew York & Company  LipstickCouture Lipstick

Style Tip: Floral pieces are great for adding a little femininity and flirtiness to your typical office wear.  Instead of a solid colored dress, try a floral printed one.  You won’t regret it!

Speak to you soon!