Favorite Fall Colors: Navy and Neutrals

Navy is the new black!  Well, for me anyway.  In the past my typical go-to color when it came to dressing up was always black.  But black can be very redundant and sometimes you don’t want to look like you’re going to a funeral when you’re actually on your way to work.  Recently I discovered that I could get the same effects of wearing black without actually wearing black. How did I achieve this?  The answer is navy blue! Navy blue gives you that sexy, sophisticated, intelligent, and confident feeling.  And like black, navy blue is very slimming and works to hide some of those imperfections that we women tend to fret.

Navy blue actually works for summer and fall.  So it would be great as a transitional color. The colors that go best with navy blue, in my opinion, are neutral colors.  These are your cognacs, tans, and light browns.  For some reason, the contrasting of the navy blue and the neutral colors just work perfectly together; especially as it pertains to office wear.  Check out some of these navy and neutrals below:

Links to websites where these pieces can be found:





Charming Charlie

New York and Company

Nine West


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