The Perfect Dress for the Office: The Sheath

I’m a woman that loves a good form-fitting dress; especially as an alternative to the typical pant suit.  However, sometimes it’s hard trying to find the right form-fitting dress that isn’t inappropriate for the office.  Well, the perfect fix for this problem is the sheath dress.  It fits your form but it isn’t your usual bodycon dress that is normally more appropriate for happy hour.  To be honest, the sheath dress can be worn to the office and to happy hour.  It works for both if you find the right one.  Below I have listed some tips for finding the perfect form-fitting dress for the office: the sheath dress.


Tip 1: The material or fabric for the dress should be one that is thick, elastic, and soft. Thick material ensures that underwear lines and any other imperfections are less visible.  Elasticity and softness ensures comfort while wearing the dress.


Tip 2: You don’t want to expose yourself in any way so it’s good to keep the length at the knee, at least, when wearing any kind of dress or skirt to work.


Tip 3: The detailing of the dress needs to be considered also.  Try to avoid any mesh material (see through) or any high splits, for obvious reasons.


Tip 4: Sheath dresses are usually very simple and monochrome.  Add a nice statement piece such as a necklace, scarf, blazer, or pumps to create a more stylish look.


Tip 5: Sheath dresses are form-fitting.  Make sure that you are completely comfortable and pleased with the fit of the dress before you leave the house.  Comfort and confidence is key!

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