Let’s Talk: Confidence

“The most beautiful thing you can wear is confidence” – Blake Lively

Confidence is an important characteristic to have when running a business, running an office, or even just running your life.  It gives those depending on you the belief that you are reliable and you can handle the job that they have trusted you to do.  People witness this confidence by how you carry yourself on the outside; how you walk, how you talk, and of course, how you dress.

I think I speak for most when I say that there have been moments when I have not been so confident in myself or my ability to do certain things.  While starting this blog, I have had my moments of uncertainty.  I’ve wondered “Can I really do this?” and “Do people really want to hear what I have to say?”  It’s human nature to sometimes doubt ourselves.  But the way to get over those insecurities is to always try to be your best self and know that you can do whatever you set your mind to do.

Now confidence can only come from within.  But, sometimes we need that extra boost of confidence that comes from an outside source called “retail therapy”.  Below I have some of my favorite items that I utilize to give me that extra boost of confidence when I’m on my way to that critical business meeting or when I’m about to give that important presentation.


  1. Pumps – I have an affinity for pumps. The right ones have me feeling like I could take over the world!  They’re empowering.  I don’t get that same feeling when I’m wearing flats. My fave right now is this pair by BCBG.  I would love to get my hands on this pair by Kate Spade.
  2. Perfume – After a shower, I want to still smell like I’ve just taken a shower.  I get that from my Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue perfume.  This stuff smells heavenly!  What better way to boost your confidence than to leave the house smelling like you just walked right out of heaven.
  3. Makeup – I am in no way, shape, or form a makeup expert.  But I know what I like.  I usually go for a subtle eyeshadow and a bold lip.  I love this eyeshadow palette.  It’s easy for an amateur like me to use and the colors are perfect.  And for lipstick, being that it’s fall, my favorite right now is MAC’s Diva.
  4. Jewelry – Adding a piece of jewelry does help to boost my outer self-confidence.  A little embellishment never hurts.
  5. Notebook – I included my notebook because it contains all my thoughts, feelings, and ideas.  Taking the time to acknowledge our feelings and emotions is also another way to boost confidence.  It encourages self-reflection and self-awareness.  Also, my notebook helps me to plan and organize.  I’m always more confident when I have planned things out.
What are some items that help to boost your confidence?
Also, as I stated before, confidence ultimately comes from within.  Here is an article that gives 10 ways to exude confidence.  Thanks for your support!

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