6 Online Shopping Tips


One of my favorite pastimes is online shopping.  It’s similar to window shopping but it’s way better because you get to sit in one spot and explore hundreds of stores without having to leave your home.  It’s so convenient and there’s so much variety. And it’s just fun!  Why not try it?!?!  Here are 6 tips for shopping online.

Tip 1: Know your measurements.  Measurements include your hips, waist, height, shoe, and bust size.  This is going to help you tremendously because just about all online websites offer a size guide for their clothing.  The size guide helps to ensure that you choose your correct size regardless of whether you’re shopping for clothes and shoes on a US website or a foreign website.

Tip 2: Add your email to your favorite store’s email list.  This ensures that you are notified whenever there is a sale and you also receive great coupons!  Now I know that no one likes spam so I suggest creating an email specifically for coupons and sale notices.  That way, you don’t get all of these emails going into your personal email account.

Tip 3: Become familiar with different fabric types.  An item’s fabric type usually gives you an indication of how it will feel when you wear it.  Will it be itchy?  Will it stretch a little?  Is it durable?  These are all questions that can be answered simply by determining the fabric type when shopping online.

Tip 4: Always check the return policy.  Some online shops only allow exchanges.  Some have a certain amount of days that you must return an item in order to get a refund.  Some have an “all sales are final” rule (I don’t frequent those).  Some charge you a shipping fee for the return.  The shipping fee is usually deducted from your refund.  And lastly, some allow you to return your items in store.  Make sure you know what the return policy is before you make a purchase.

Tip 5: Make sure the site is secure.  Don’t give out your credit card information without making sure the site is secure.  Websites whose URL starts with “https” indicate that your information is encrypted and secure.

Tip 6: HAVE FUN!


Speak to you soon!


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