Officially in the Holiday Spirit!!!



DressH&M  BootsMacy’s  WatchAnne Klein  NecklaceForever 21

I’m officially in the holiday spirit and this red dress was right up my “holiday spirit” alley.  It’s bright, it’s flowy, and it made me feel good as soon as I put it on.  I don’t typically wear bright colors but I figured there’s nothing wrong with switching it up.  Oh, and these boots are everything!  I’ve been looking for a nice, inexpensive pair of OTK boots and these are amazing.  I will be featuring them in a future post.  Stay tuned. Happy Holidays!!!

3 thoughts on “Officially in the Holiday Spirit!!!

  1. Shea says:

    I put this dress in my cart on H&M at least three times. I even looked at it in the store but I ended up not purchasing it. Looking at these pictures is making wish I would have bought it. The color is beautiful and it looks great with your boots.

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