5 Reasons I Love Being a Woman

Since I’m celebrating National Women’s History Month this month (See post here), I decided to really put some thought into the things that I love about being a woman.  There were so many things that came to mind but I tried to drill it down to just five.  Check out my list below!


1. We are expected to do everything.  And most of the time we can!  We can multi-task like no other because we have to! As we speak, I am eating, doing work for my job, talking to my coworker, and trying to finish this post all at the same time. And guess what, everything is going to get done!


2. We age like fine wine.  As long as we take care of ourselves, we only get better.  Take a look at Angela Bassett and you will see what I’m talking about.


3. We bring new lives into this world.  After becoming a mother a little over a year ago, I can honestly say that motherhood is one of the best things about being a woman!  There is no better feeling than knowing that I brought this little man into the world and I get to help mold him into this great human being. It’s beautiful.


4. We are intelligent; probably more intelligent than men. My point is that we are more than just mothers, wives, girlfriends, etc. We’re running for president, we’re running Fortune 500 companies, we’re discovering cures for diseases, and we’re doing it well!


5. We make everything look good.  I mean you can never tell what’s going on with a woman just by looking at her. She could be stressed out from all of the multiple tasks that she has to complete, but you would never know. Why? Because she makes it all look easy!  Furthermore, a man can look nice and dapper in his expensive, tailored designer suit. But, put a beautiful woman next to him and he’s goes from look good to looking great!  We do that! We make everything better!

After completing this list, the song “I’m Every Woman” kept playing in my head. It really made me think. Ladies we are everything!  We cook, we mother, we run businesses, we plan, we fix, we love, we fight, and we do it all NATURALLY!  Let’s celebrate these great things about ourselves! We deserve it!

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Speak to you soon!


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