Make a Statement in Gingham Print

Gingham print has been “all the rave” this season and for good reason.  I’ve seen it worn in a very sophisticated manner (per this dress that I’m wearing) but I’ve also seen it worn in a more casual chic (with denim) manner as well.  There have also been instances where I’ve seen it on accessories like hats, shoes, and bags.  It’s a very versatile print and it really stands out.


DressBanana Republic  HeelsTarget

This dress is fabulous isn’t it!  I debated as to whether or not it would be office appropriate though because it is very form-fitting and snug.  But the truth of the matter is it really just depends on your office.  If you do plan to wear something like this to the office, go with my usual suggestion and add a blazer or cardigan; even add some color to it like red, yellow, or even green.  Some other places that this dress can be worn are weddings, out to eat (dinner), or even some outdoor events (with flats, of course).  Are you loving the gingham print trend?  Let me know in the comments below.

Oh and please bear with me as I learn some new poses lol :-)!!!

Speak to you soon!


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