Werk Girl: Transition Your Outfit from the Office to Happy Hour

Women wear multiple hats. We are mothers, wives, bosses, entrepreneurs, friends, advisers, etc.  We chauffeur, we mentor, we entertain, we cook, we clean, and we work all while trying to look presentable.  And to be honest, some of us just give up on looking presentable.  It can be exhausting!  The last thing we have time to be worried about is what to wear to the office, or to that business meeting, or to dinner with friends after work.  I mean who has time to put together outfits when your main focus is ensuring that the rest of your world is running smoothly.  The answer is no one.

This is where I come in.  For us women that are pressed for time, we need to be able to pull together items that are already in our closet to create looks.  And of course, these looks need to help us feel extra…

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