One Color That Looks Great on All Women

Be the One to Stand Out

The One Color that looks great on all women

Every season magazine editors list new trends that are all the rave.  Then other fast fashion industries such as New York & Company, Zara, and H&M scramble to implement these trends into their seasonal lineups. We, the consumers, then go out and purchase these trendy items because we believe they’re what’s in right now.  Well, I will tell you that I’m not a “trendy” person. My style is pretty simple and doesn’t change much. But I do like to incorporate a few trendy pieces in the mix if they work with my style.

This spring, many new colors, styles, and prints were on the list of what’s trendy this season.  Some of the trends mentioned were khakis, gingham print, statement stripes, floral, etc. But the one trend that got my attention is yellow! I know you’re like, “Really, that’s what you came up with?”…

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