Make a Statement: Why I Started Blogging

Happy Monday Lovelies! This blogging journey has been amazing. I’m learning so much about myself and I’ve been meeting so many great women! Though I love reading and browsing other blogs, I never thought that I would be a blogger myself.


But it was after I had my son that I decided that this was something that I really wanted to do. After having my son, I became obsessed with getting back to my pre baby body. I dieted and exercised for months until I actually got down to 10 lbs less than my pre baby body. But guess what! My body still wasn’t the same. It was different. I had/have a little pudge that won’t go away (don’t let the girdle fool you) and stretch marks, and cellulite, etc.


But honestly, I didn’t  have time to worry about that stuff anymore. There were more important things to worry about; like my son that I’m trying to raise to be the best person he can be. So, I learned/am learning to accept and love my body the way it is.


On my journey to acceptance, I began to love fashion again as well. And so began my journey to becoming a blogger. I wanted to show off this new body of mine and I wanted to encourage women to love their bodies as well. And what better way to do this than through blogging.


It’s not always an easy journey. And I don’t always feel beautiful but it’s worth it if I can help other women discover their own beauty.


DressASOS  HeelsAldo  BagH&M  JewelryForever 21

However, today is one of those days that I feel beautiful and sexy! I have curves and I love them!! It’s a great feeling. So I hope that this post and all of my posts inspire you to love yourself not in spite of but because of your flaws. They make you you! Happy Monday and remember to love yourself!

Speak to you soon!



5 thoughts on “Make a Statement: Why I Started Blogging

  1. Officially Chic says:

    It does! One would think that blogging would do the opposite but it doesn’t! When I look at my pictures sometimes, I think about how far I’ve come! I’m proud of myself! Oh and I love your blog!


  2. Polkadotblonde says:

    You definitely look great! That dress is too cute, and very flattering. I think I’m finally understanding that my body is never going to be 100% the way that I think it should be, which is leading to greater acceptance.

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