Own It! Defining Your Personal Style

The Office-to-happy hour dress (4)

Personal style is an outward expression of your personality through fashion. For most women, it’s not until we reach our late twenties and early thirties that we finally determine our personal style. We discover what works and doesn’t work for us. We stop trying to look good for others and strive to look and feel good for ourselves.  This is something that just comes with age and maturity.  I think I speak for most women when I say that at age 30, I know my best features, my favorite pieces of clothing, what looks good on me, what I should never wear, and what pieces make me feel amazing!  These discoveries are a result of determining my personal style.  Below, I have listed some tips that helped me on the journey to discovering my personal style.

img_4357Choose pieces that accentuate your best features and assets.  Every woman is beautiful…

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