3 Style Tips That Create a Sleek Silhouette

We are halfway through the week and I’m here to give give you a few style tips that will make you look long and lean in your next outfit!  Hopefully you will already have the pieces that I’m about to mention in your closet.


The old faithful “vertical stripes make you look slimmer” happens to be true.  I mean look at these pants that I’m wearing.  They only have one vertical stripe on the side but that one stripe makes the eye look up and down which creates the illusion of a long silhouette.


A long cardigan is also a great way to add inches to your torso making you appear taller and hence thinner. This is great because long cardigans and kimonos are currently high on the trend radar!


High heels make you look slimmer as well.  But, I learned a while back that a pump with a low vamp, adds length to your legs as well; Therefore making you look taller and more lean.


And lastly, black is another tip for appearing leaner in your outfit; Particularly, all black! We all have black in our closet. Don’t we?


CardiganBoohoo  CamiNY & Company  PantsNY & Company  HeelsTarget

I love the sporty vibe of these black palazzo pants that come from the contrasting white stripe on the side.  These pants are effortlessly flattering and seem to be a trend that won’t be going away anytime soon (See here and here).

What are some of your tips for creating a slimmer and leaner looking silhouette?

Speak to you soon!


5 thoughts on “3 Style Tips That Create a Sleek Silhouette

  1. justaddgigi says:

    Looking good, Daneisha! I really love the pop of the orange and the long cardigan and the heels which really dresses up the outfit. Also, can I say that this outfit looks so comfortable (which is a big thing for me personally).Thanks for sharing, such an awesome post


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