The Gift and Curse of Minding Your Own Business

I am someone who has always done my best to mind my own business.  Unless, someone feels comfortable enough to open up to me, I usually don’t question people about their personal matters because they’re personal.  I’ve always been that way.  I think it’s because I had things that I wanted to accomplish in life; And to put energy into what others had going on would only slow down my own process.  Again, if ever someone needed an open ear, I’ve always been open to listen but I am never one to pry into someone’s personal affairs.  I have a one track mind and that is to accomplish my goals and do what makes me happy.  I still have that one track mind; only now it includes taking care of my son’s needs as well.

I consider minding my own business to be a gift because it keeps me out of a lot of other people’s drama and it means that I have less to worry about.  It also means that I can focus on my own goals.

Now lets get to the curse of minding my own business.  The curse of minding my own business is that I become very oblivious to whats going on around me. I can be quite unaware and fully distracted from the outside world.  So much, that I have to be told by my loved ones that there are people around me who do not wish me well.  That there are people who compare their lives to mine and wonder why and how I do the things that I do.

I guess I’ve always thought that if a person showed positive interest in what I was doing in my life, that meant that they wanted me to succeed.  But it seems that some only ask about your life just hoping that you will have something bad to say.  It’s crazy because though I don’t pay attention during these moments, others do.  The truth of the matter is, I can’t make anyone wish me well.  I can only control my own feelings.  And I definitely don’t want to get into the habit of caring about what others think of me.

The message of not comparing yourself to others and doing what makes you happy has been blasting in my ear from so many sources lately.  So I had to speak on it myself.  The lesson in this short post is mind your own business.  This means do and focus on what makes you happy.  Don’t compare yourself to others because you have no idea what those people are going through in their personal lives.  Learn to be happy for other’s success and less threatened by their success.  Work hard so that you can be great and accomplish all that you want out of life.  But don’t try to put someone else down or wish someone pain just because you aren’t happy with you own life.

The other lesson is, pay attention to the people that you spend most of your time around. Listen to them.  And don’t just assume that everyone wishes you well. Now, that I’m off my soap box, I hope that you have a wonderful day.  And please strive for happiness!

Speak to you soon!


6 thoughts on “The Gift and Curse of Minding Your Own Business

  1. justaddgigi says:

    You and I are very liked minded in that I firmly believe in staying in my lane. It’s why I tend to stay out of a lot of drama when it comes to my social circles. My family, especially my extended family are the type of people who are easily envious and jealous when it comes to other people’s success. And that type of thinking never appealed to me. I think especially as women (black women have this bad) that we should be uplifting each other instead of trying to tear each other down.


  2. Polkadotblonde says:

    Yes! I do think people who have the time to talk about others negatively are either not happy with their lives, jealous, or don’t have enough to focus on. I don’t have time for drama, because I’m focused on my goals and my life!

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