Make a Statement by Flaunting Your Best Assets

Happy Monday Lovelies! I pretty much take pictures every week now that I’m a blogger and it’s allowing me to really recognize the parts of my figure that I love the most.  And it’s a great feeling.


We spend so much time fussing over what we dislike about our bodies.  For example, I’ve always wanted a six-pack and cellulite free thighs.  I worked out really hard in the past to get them.


But guess what, after having my son that is the furthest thing from my mind.  After having him, I began to focus on how my body could benefit him, i.e breastfeeding.  Once you realize that your body serves a purpose other than being sexy, you learn to appreciate it more.


So now I spend less time complaining about what I dislike about my body and more time focusing on the beauty of my body.  I realized that I love my legs and my new hips and this new booty that I have.


I appreciate the fact that I was able to bring a baby into this world and provide him with that “liquid gold”.  I am thankful that my body allows to me to be the best person that I can be.


We should take pride in our soft tummies, our curvy hips, our soft skin, our svelte silhouettes, and all of our curves or lack there of.  My body isn’t perfect but it works and I’m thankful for that.


DressASOS  ChokerForever 21  LipstickSephora  Heels (Similar)Steve Madden

So I say to you, flaunt your best assets.  Instead of hiding your “flaws”, spend time focusing on what you love about your body!  Trust me, there’s definitely more to love!

Speak to you soon!


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