My New Mom Jeans are the Best Fit Ever

It’s funny that years ago, I used to tease my mom about her jeans that she always wore over her belly.  And now I do the same thing. If you ever see me out and I have on jeans, mostly likely, they will be high waist jeans.  These jeans hold in everything. Plus, I just feel more comfortable and secure in jeans that come over my belly.


Like most women, I own plenty of jeans, so I didn’t need new ones.  But I had been seeing one of my favorite bloggers, Jenee Marie, rock these jeans over and over again.  She styled them so well; so well, that I decided I had to try them for myself.  SN: This is why I love social media.  I would never have thought to buy these jeans if I hadn’t seen her wear them and style them so tastefully!


But anyway, she posted that she had purchased the “mom jeans” from Target. That was all I needed to hear because I love Target and most of their pieces. So, I went to Target’s website and searched for these “mom jeans”.  After scrolling through a few pages on their site, I found the jeans!


They’re actually from a brand called DenizenDenizen is a company owned by Levi’s that is only sold in Target stores. Well once, I saw Levi’s name attached to these jeans, I knew that I could trust the quality.  And to add to the good quality, they were only $30!  So I wouldn’t be losing much if I went ahead and ordered them online.


I guessed my size (I’m a size 7 Juniors in the jeans) and ordered them along with this crisp white button down from the A New Day brand by Target.


My purchases got here quickly; and as it turns out, the jeans fit perfectly.  I couldn’t believe how comfortable and cute these were!


ShirtTarget  JeansTarget  PumpsBCBGeneration  CrossbodyMichael Kors

I love the fact that they are an updated version of the “mom jean”. They have room for your booty, and they’re forgiving at the waist.  And for the women with more butt and a very small waist, they fit like a glove, without the space in the back. I’m telling you, these jeans are the best fit ever.  They were tailor made for us.  I’m already scouring Target’s website to see if I can find more styles of these Denizen jeans because I love them!  What do you think of these jeans?  Would you buy them!  Let me know in the comments below!

Speak to you soon!


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