How To Create The Perfect Office Look

There are some days that I get up and have no clue what I’m going to wear into the office.  These are usually the days that I have not completed the 15 Minute Challenge and therefore, I’m not prepared for my day at all.  I savagely look through my closet hoping to come across something cute and work appropriate before I have to make the decision to wear jeans and a t-shirt.  Sometimes I do end up settling for the jeans and t-shirt combo.  But, other times, I can quickly put together a cute outfit with just four simple pieces – a blouse, skirt, heels and a handbag.



Start with a solid colored skirt in whatever style fits you best.  It could be a pencil skirt, a pleated skit, an a line, etc.  The skirt could also be any color.  But it’s best to have a black, navy, or grey colored one.  These colors are just easier to mix and match with other blouses and shirts in your closet.  This leads us to the next piece; the blouse.



Next, add a nice printed blouse to your skirt.  You should have a few blouses with various designs and prints in your closet.  As I stated above, this makes it so that you will have multiple looks to create with your bottoms when preparing for work.  Also, fancy printed blouses can be wearable in the office as well as happy hour.  Invest in a few that are versatile.



I love a classic heel.  So my first suggestion is to always have a pair of black pumps. They go with everything so they’re the easiest item to throw on with just about any outfit without thinking twice. I also suggest a pair of black heeled sandals as well for the summer and spring seasons.  They’re just as easy to throw on as a pair of pumps. However, if you’re not a heel girl, find a cute pair of flats like these here.  They will work just fine to!  Whether you heels or flats, the goal is to make sure you have a nice pair of go-to shoes that work well with most outfits.  Comfort is also the goal!



A chic and simple handbag is a must have as well.  Make sure it’s a good, sturdy bag to keep all of your items for work.  But you also want it to be stylish like this one here.


BlouseH&M  Pencil SkirtH&M Block HeelsTarget  HandbagH&M

Lastly,  add a few simple accessories like a pair of earrings and a simple watch to top it off.  That’s all you need ladies!  So go through your closet and makes sure that you have each one of these pieces mentioned above.  If not, click on some of the links above for ideas of what you need to add to your closet to create the perfect workwear look.  This will make it so much easier to get dressed for work in the morning.  And you’ll be more chic and stylish for the office.

Speak to you soon!


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10 thoughts on “How To Create The Perfect Office Look

  1. justaddgigi says:

    Daniesha, you are looking good as always. I am a stay at home parent, so I’m lucky that I don’t have to go to the office. However, sometimes I have to dress up a bit for functions and stuff like that. So I will diffidently will use your advice, especially when I have to dress in the hurry. Also, your glasses are super cute. You wear them well!


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