Upgrade Your White Tee and Jeans From Basic to Chic

Like most people, I am a big fan of the jeans and white tee combination.  They are staples in my closet of which I own plenty.  There is probably no easier outfit to put together than a white tee and denim jeans; especially when you have “nothing to wear”.  The two just work so great together.  However, sometimes the two need to be jazzed up a little to break away from the monotony.  So below, I’m giving you four ways that you can easily turn the otherwise basic combo into a fun and chic look!


Try a Different Version of the White Tee

So we know that the white tee can come in different types.  Those types usually differ based on the shape of the neck; such as v-neck, crew neck, scoop neck, the henley, etc.  But you can also switch up the white tee not just based on the neck style.  There are so many trendy white tee shirts that are out right now; so your options are limitless.  As you can see, I tried this “Couture Tee” from Banana Rebublic.  The hem on this t-shirt is a little different from the normal white t-shirt; which is why I love it!


Add a Pop of Color

I love the way a little bright color looks with my jeans and white t-shirt.  I decided to add some pops of red to my look today because of course red is in this season; but also because I just love the color.  It’s bold and bright.  And it contrasts so well with the white and blue.  I feel a little “4th of July-ish” but it’s okay.  I still love it!


It’s the Perfect Time to Add a Scarf

This scarf was actually the first item that I put on after my white tee and my jeans.  I then added the bag and heels.  I love this scarf y’all. Actually, I love skinny scarves as a whole.  They’re the perfect little accessory that makes such a huge statement.  This little scarf resembles a tie and it can be worn like a tie, as you can see.  I think it’s the cutest thing ever too.  And with fall being in full swing, now is the perfect time to buy a few.  Check out more scarves like this here!


You Gotta Have a Pair of Heels

No matter what, I have to have my heels!  They add more playfulness to your look.  Plus heels are super sexy and fun!  These red ones that I’m wearing are the best because they’re very comfy and because they’re RED!  What a huge difference they made in this entire look right?


TopBanana Rep  JeansTarget  BagNY & Co  HeelsJCPenney  ScarfBanana Rep

That’s all folks! The great thing about a white tee and jeans is that you can literally wear this combination all year round.  The trick is switching up your accessories! It’s all about the accessories.  The right accessories will always upgrade your basic white tee and jean outfit to a super chic and fun look!  Around this time of the year, I would even suggest adding an edgy leather jacket or some cute leather boots! A comfy cardigan would work; as well as a few pieces of statement jewelry! Have fun with it!  How do you dress up your white tee and jeans?  Let me know in the comments below

Damn it

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