Get Inspired’s “Meet the Authors: The Ultimate Experience”

Through my short journey as a blogger, I have met so many great women who happen to be entrepreneurs. They are constantly inspiring me and motivating me to work harder as I journey towards accomplishing my entrepreneurial goals! The inspiration comes from seeing these women do things that I thought were almost impossible for us regular everyday people.  For example, this past Saturday, I attended an event where almost every woman in the room had written a book.  How amazing is that?
 I had the pleasure of attending “Meet the Authors: The Ultimate Experience” for the first time on Saturday, October 14, 2017.  “Meet the Authors” is an annual event held by Get Inspired blog owner, Zeta J., where current and aspiring authors gather together in an intimate setting to connect with like-minded individuals.

We discussed every part of the writing experience; from how to find inspiration as a writer to how to get your book published once you have completed the writing process.  My main question was, “How do you even get started”.  Well the authors were very adamant that you just have to do it.  Get your paper and pen out, and just start writing.  It’s that simple in the beginning.

There were three speakers/authors for the event – Sayuri Smith, author of “Scriptures for Strippers“, Tiffanie Luellen, author of “60 Affirmations and Reflections for Entrepreneurs“, and Azeta Joel, author of “Parenting With No Bra“.  Each author had the moment to express what inspired them to write their book, and why it is so important for everyone to tell their story.

Sayuri Smith told her story of finally leaving the adult entertainment industry after years of going back and forth.  Through her relationship with God and different scriptures from The Bible, she was able to gather the strength, will, and courage to transition out of her old life into a more fulfilled and divine new life.

Tiffanie Luellen is a Certified Yoga and Meditation Instructor.  She spoke about how the many experiences in her life led her to try meditation.  After trying meditation and yoga, her life changed completely; which is why she has written a book on the benefits of meditation and reflections.  She even gave us a short lesson in meditation during the event.

Finally, the event host, Azeta Joel (AKA, Zeta J), gave us the story behind her book, “Parenting with No Bra” which shares the peaks and valleys of her life as a single mother (which I can relate to).  She also lead the group conversation between the attendees and authors, as well as gave tips to all of the aspiring authors in the room.

As the speakers did their thing, the guests were treated to an amazing dinner catered by Shays Food Journey.  The Hawaiian Chicken, Rice, Crab Cakes, and Ceasar Salad were such a delight! All the guests raved about it.


Photo Courtesy of Charlie/Owner of The Vision is Legit

Once the event came to an end, we gathered together in a circle and gave each other more praise and encouragement, then finished off our night with a toast!  It was such a beautiful, heartwarming moment that I will never forget.

This phenomenal coffee mug was one of the parting gifts provided by Boss Chic Crate. Boss Chic Crate creates custom mugs, tees, journals, wall decor and more for the empowerment of women.  Be sure to check out her website for all your stationary needs.

Check out more photos of the beautiful, talented women who attended this inspirational and profoundly empowering event.

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