A Chic Way to Wear the Mini Skirt for Fall

Fall is finally in full force around here, and I couldn’t be colder!  I know I look quite pleasant in these photos below.  But to be honest, I was freezing when I took these pictures; plus it was windy too.  My hair was blowing in every direction (yes it’s possible even with short hair lol).  One day I’ll show you the outtakes!


While fall is finally having its way, I’m trying to remain creative with my looks when all I want to do is throw on a sweatshirt, sweatpants, a scarf, and never leave the house.  However, the “fashionista” in me won’t allow for that.  So, fall fashion it is!


Most probably wouldn’t consider wearing a mini skirt or shorts during the fall and winter seasons. I’m here to tell you that you should give both a try.  There are some tweaks that you will have to make in order to make them work, but you can do it.  My job is to show and tell you how!


I first saw this skirt on one of my weekly trips to H&M and wasn’t impressed by it.  Later, I saw it on one of my favorite bloggers Brittany Xavier from Thrifts and Threads.  I loved it on her, so I decided that I would give it a try!3B62E807-ED07-40BD-8D68-0ECDBC9C8A7E

Now the first great thing about wearing mini skirts during the fall and winter is, you can throw on your favorite oversized sweater for that quintessential winter look.  Or you can do like I did, and just incorporate a cute little blouse.  I tried the sweater look with this skirt, and it just didn’t work for me.  But I loved it on Brittany!  So, either one could work.599BCF58-F0E6-47BC-81A4-F47A63AED772

The next step is deciding whether or not to bare your legs.  Now I am not a fan of having my legs out in this cold weather which is why I usually stick with tights.  I also love the polished element that opaque tights tend to provide.  It’s based on your personal preference though.


TopASOS  SkirtH&M  BootsMacy’s  BagH&M  TightsWalmart

Lastly, you have to decide on a shoe.  Obviously, since this is a fall look and also a potential winter look, I’m going to suggest a bootie or over the knee boot.  I prefer the over the knee boot with my mini skirt because it shows less legs.  The OTK boot look is great for those who want to work the shorter hemlines while still looking super chic.  But to be honest, I also like my mini skirt with booties.  I think it just depends on where you’re wearing this outfit also.

Yes you can rock your mini skirt and still be chic!  Give it a try!  Happy Monday Lovelies!

Speak to you soon.


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