Let’s Talk: Self-Love and Self-Acceptance

Officially Chic is officially one year old!!!!!  Wow, I can’t believe that I have been a blogger for an entire year.  I must say that it has been an interesting journey filled with very little sleep and a lot of anxiety.  It has also been a journey filled with some amazing encounters and lessons learned.

Today I’m giving you life with this fabulous shaggy faux fur from H&M!  But I’m also sharing some thoughts and reflections on self-love and self-acceptance after finishing my first year of blogging with a bang!!!!


I have mentioned before that I first wanted to start a style blog after spending so much time on other blogs.  The desire to blog also came after having my son, losing my baby weight, getting excited about looking good in my clothes again, and wanting to celebrate that.


Since then, my goals have expanded because not only do I want to celebrate my own progress, but I want to celebrate women period.  The goal of Officially Chic is to inspire women to love themselves exactly the way that they are.


I try to use my style as a way to express those sentiments.  And I go by the mantra that states you should wear what makes you feel good and comfortable.  I don’t care if you’re skinny, curvy, tall, short, etc; work with what you have, love it, and embrace it!  I hope I am doing a good job at displaying that exact idea.  I’m not perfect, but I work very hard at loving and accepting myself.


Speaking of self acceptance, it’s funny that I’ve learned to accept myself more since becoming a blogger.


Most would think that when you insert yourself into a world that places value on a person solely because of their outer appearance, you would spend a lot of time comparing yourself to others.  However, my experience has been the opposite (not that I don’t compare myself; I mean – I’m human).


When I see so many unconventionally beautiful women radiate confidence and pride, I know that all it takes is self love and self acceptance to get the same thing in return.  I consider myself to be an unconventional beauty; which is why I can relate to women who, by societal standards, wouldn’t be considered beautiful.


Fur CoatH&M  TopH&M  JeansH&M  BootiesSteve Madden  BagMichael Kors

Witnessing the pride and confidence of other women around me just makes me more confident and proud of myself.  It’s simple.  You are exactly who you surround yourself with.  So if you want to be confident, proud, loved, and accepted, surround yourself with those who have those same qualities.  You will get there.  All it takes is practice.

I want to take the time to thank all of you who have journeyed with me during my first year as a blogger.  You are my tribe and I always look forward to your comments and conversations!  It makes me so happy to connect with such amazing people!  Another goal of mine is to become better as a style blogger; so you can expect Officially Chic to get bigger and better than ever as time goes on.  Stick around!

Speak to you soon.


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