2018 New Year, New Me…Again



Wow, I can’t believe we are beginning a new year already.  Last year around this time, I had all of these “New Year” goals that I planned to accomplish (see here).  But as usual, life happened, and I forgot all about those goals and just let life pull me in every direction.  I went through a very tough break up (read about it here) that turned my life upside down for a moment.  The break up would have been a little easier to get through if there wasn’t a child involved.  But, unfortunately, that wasn’t the case.  And I had to make hard decisions that would affect not only myself, but my son as well.


Well, with God’s help, we made it!!!  One thing about me is, I don’t stay down for long.  I’ve never been the type of person to just walk around all “woe is me”.  I found my happiness and excitement in the fact that I was starting a new chapter in my life! I think that’s what life is all about, rolling with the punches and starting new chapters!


2017 was not all bad though.  I met so many amazing women virtually and in person!  Y’all I can’t even describe how inspiring it is to see people who look like me accomplish such huge achievements.


The future is definitely female!  We are business owners, authors, life coaches, event planners, clothing designers, CEO’s, etc.  There is literally NOTHING we can’t do! I was reminded of this every time I entered a room full of women at the multiple networking events that I attended last year!


I’m fueled with this energy that I can do anything I set my mind to.  So guess what, 2018 is a new chapter for me, and I will be working on those same goals that I wanted to complete last year; (it’s never too late to get your life together) only this year, they will be bigger!  Plus, I’m on a mission to help some amazing women recognize their beauty, style, and intelligence!  I’ve accepted that mission, and it is not impossible (LOL did Y’all see how I did that)!


DressASOS  TightsWalmart  BootiesJessica Simpson  CrossbodyForever 21

What are some of your goals for the New Year?!?!? Let me know in the comments below!!!  Cheers to a year that will go down in the history books!!!

Speak to you soon!


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7 thoughts on “2018 New Year, New Me…Again

  1. justaddgigi says:

    Happy New Year, Daniesha! I hope you and you’re little boy are having a good one. I’m still recovering from last night. Anyway, I’m totally in love with the stripped shirt dress. It’s super cute, and I love how you paired them with those gorgeous black patent leather boots. I’m also going to gush at how awesome your photos are in this post. You’re photos are always beautiful, but in the more recent photos they have been especially on fleek.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Officially Chic says:

      Thank you Gigi!!! I’ve been trying out a new photographer (versus my mom, sister, and myself) and I really love her work too! She’s very good, and she’s a blogger as well! Wishing you and your family a Happy New Year! And as always, thank you so much for the support! I REALLY appreciate it!


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