The Perfect Spring Pants + Catch Up


Let’s Catch Up

Hello, my Officially Chic Family!!! I know it’s been awhile since I last posted on here but I’m back and better than ever. The last couple of months have been very good to me, and I’m here to tell you all about it.

Well, if you guys go back to my January posts, then you know that I talked about my multiple goals for the year 2018.  One of the top goals on my list was and is paying off a large portion of my debt.  I was very serious about this goal and extremely determined to stay on track.  So, I dove deep into getting it accomplished.  I started doing some part-time work (driving Uber), created a real budget, and came up with a detailed plan of how this debt payoff would go down.  I even completed a month-long financial detox during the month of January.


The Financial Detox

The financial detox required me to give up any unnecessary spending.  Unnecessary spending included clothes shopping, eating out, any form of entertainment that cost, etc.  Basically, I could only spend money on groceries, gas, housing, and bills.  Though the detox was hard in some areas, for the most part, I enjoyed it.  It made my life very simple during that month.


Developing New Habits

After spending an entire month on a very restricted budget, it was hard going back to shopping as recklessly as I once had.  I decided that there were certain aspects of the financial detox that I would continue to adopt.  So, for most of February, I continued with some of the new habits I had developed in January.


Blogging Took a Back Seat

To be honest, I became so wrapped up in the process that I couldn’t focus on anything but becoming DEBT FREE!!!  And because I was working nonstop, along with taking care of my child, I didn’t really have time to do anything else, including blogging.  Plus, I hadn’t figured out a way to continue as a style blogger, who mostly blogs about shopping, and stay on the fast track to becoming debt free.  The two concepts (style blogger and debt free) just didn’t go together.  This is why I decided to take a break from blogging.  I needed to figure out how I would continue as a blogger and still accomplish a very important goal of mine.


What I Learned During My Hiatus

During my break, I did a lot of reading and reflecting. And I came to the realization that I can do both.  I can be a style blogger without going shopping every weekend.  And I can continue being smart with my money.  Style is not about new and expensive clothes, it’s about expressing the best version of yourself with what you have at that moment.  Don’t get me wrong, shopping is a passion of mine.  It’s second nature for me to just buy stuff.  But, my point is that it is not necessary to continuously buy new clothes every other day to be considered fashionable.  It’s actually very irresponsible.  I have bigger goals and I can’t mess them up by being irresponsible with my money.  So, I’ve decided that I must be smarter and more mature about my spending.  This will be reflected on my blog, of course.


TopNY & Company  PantsNY & Company  BagForever 21  NecklaceForever 21

What You Can Expect from Officially Chic

I will continue to take you on my journey as I grow into my best self.  You will notice more posts about shopping on a budget.  I think most of us want to be our best and look our best, but sometimes our budget doesn’t call for us to take a shopping trip every other week.  And if we can afford that shopping trip, we still need to get the most for our money.  I want to ensure that I  am doing that and I want to show you how to do just that.

So expect more talk about finances, budgeting, shopping, and motherhood.  Because that’s what my life is all about right now!!!!  I’m so happy to be back.  And I’m very thankful that you all have stuck around with me on this journey of mine!!!

Speak to you soon!


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4 thoughts on “The Perfect Spring Pants + Catch Up

  1. justaddgigi says:

    Hey, Daniesha! I’m so glad that your back. I know it’s very hard to pay off bills and being on a very strict budget. I don’t shop once a week, but I do every month and I keep to my budget of getting maybe one or two things from low price stores such as Charlotte Russe. Anyway, I’m super proud of you and I’m so glad that you’re back!


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