Back To School Style: 7 Style Tips For Teachers

Okay, teachers! A new school year is right around the corner.  Are you ready?   I mean, are you really ready? Like ready to step it up in the style department (because we know how important that is)! Every year around this time I watch as educators work to get prepared for their new kids that will be arriving to soak in all of this new information for the entire year.  I see you getting your rooms decorated with the latest, trendiest themes.  And I see some of you getting dressed in your Sunday’s best!!! I love it all, especially, the fly outfits!!!  So this year, I decided to throw in a little of my own input on how to make those fly outfits even “fly-er”.


Unless you followed your mother’s advice to lay out your outfits the night before, for most of us the idea of getting dressed for school/work in the morning involves more of a last-minute rush than a carefully thought-out look. This leads to you wearing a convenient outfit that you probably hate. Well, I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be this way. I’m here to help you with some simple, yet fun looks to work into the busy schedule that you will most likely have this year

I will be giving 7 outfit ideas and inspiration for upgrading your style this school year! P.S. these outfits can definitely apply to those in other professions as well!

A Colorful, Patterned Maxi Skirt


I am in love with this maxi skirt! And really, who doesn’t love a maxi skirt?  So, I decided to start off with this amazing maxi skirt from New York & Company.  As an educator, I imagine that you are constantly moving around and/or chasing young students.  Maxi skirts are perfect for this setting because they are super flowy and comfortable.   They allow you to move around the classroom and/or sit down on the floor if necessary (while still looking cute).

In my mind, teachers (especially elementary school teachers) should wear anything that has tons of color in it.  Its just more fun!  This maxi skirt is a great example of that.  As, you can see, I paired mine with a basic tee shirt and simple accessories.  Perfecto!

Profession And Chic Paperbag Waist Pants


Paper bag waist pants are pants that have a scrunchy waist that is reminiscent of a paper bag.  Most of these pants are very spacious in the hip and thigh area; Therefore, they are super comfortable.  This makes them another perfect option for teachers to wear.  The key is to find a cute pair that have a nice print.  I love the stripes on these pair because they look very professional, chic, and elegant.

Also, you can add a breezy kimono or trench vest (as I did here) for an extra layer of comfort and chicness!

A Pop Of Color With Palazzo Pants


I have a few pair of palazzo pants that I truly adore!  They’re another piece that is extremely comfortable and stylish at once.  They can be paired many ways including with a blazer, basic tee, kimono, etc.  And in my opinion, they are a lot more comfortable than dress pants. Yet, essentially, they are dress pants.  Another great piece to add to your teacher wardrobe.

Try A Comfortable, Flowy Jumpsuit


A loose fitting jumpsuit is perfect for educators of pre-k students up to college students;  Mainly because their comfortable and allow for a lot of movement.  Look for one that has plenty of room! It should be cute, yet still looks professional.

A Powerful Printed Blazer


I am a huge fan of the blazer and denim combo!  And I’m an even bigger fan of a blazer with a bold print.  I know that some educators have dress codes that they have to stick to.  However, I can’t see why a cute floral blazer wouldn’t be allowed.  I love them for teachers because they’re pretty easy to dress up or down.  They can be styled with dress pants or a pair of jeans.  And if you don’t have to do much standing, I would even suggest adding a pair of ankle strap heels!  Otherwise, a cute pair of flats will do the trick as well!

A Figure Flattering Wrap Dress


Try a midi length wrap dress or a fit and flare dress.  Both dress types are flattering on all figures and are perfectly appropriate for the classroom.  Plus, a dress saves time in the morning from trying to figure out what you’re going to wear. Having a dress ready to go is a great option and just needs to be paired with the right shoes!

Classic White Button Up and Blue Denim Jeans


If you’re in a more casual school environment, but still want to look polished and put together quickly/easily, there’s nothing wrong with reaching for a pair of neat (non-distressed) jeans and a crisp white button-up. The look offers all the comfort of a T-shirt without looking like you didn’t try.  To look extra pulled-together, try tucking the front of the button-up into your pants. I would even suggest throwing a blazer on top of it too!

And that’s it people!!! I hope you have an amazing school year. Make sure you stop by for more style tips as the new season comes in.  Also, check back with the blog this Thursday as I will have a list of the best stores to shop for stylish, affordable pieces for teachers!!!

Speak to you soon!


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