Mom & Me Trip: Atlanta Botanical Garden

Recently, I made the decision to start planning mini “Mommy and Me” trips with Elijah to multiple kid-friendly places in Atlanta.  Atlanta has so much to offer and I want Elijah to experience as much of it as possible. So, I “Google” a bunch a places that were perfect for toddlers to have little mini adventures and I stumbled upon the Imaginary Worlds at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens.  There were so many pictures of these huge animal figures made out of trees and flowers. I knew immediately that Elijah would love it!


From there, I bought the tickets (children under 3 are free) and planned our trip to the Atlanta Botanical Garden.


The Atlanta Botanical Garden is located adjacent to the popular Piedmont Park, so a visit to both would make for an amazing day out.


We went on a Sunday and for some reason, I forgot that we would be outside.  I was not prepared for this Georgia heat that we were about to experience! The heat was dreadful!  But, luckily, toddlers couldn’t care less about a little heat and sunshine.  In fact, Elijah started running around as soon as we got there and he didn’t stop until we left.

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I think both Elijah and I were amazed at all of the different animals that were created from plants. It was such a beautiful sight.  There were dragons, peacocks, mermaids, llamas, and all sorts of amazing creations. As you can see, Elijah’s eyes were wide opened and in awe of it all!


After walking around in the blistering heat, we stepped into one of the greenhouses to enjoy some shade and get a better view of even more plants.


I love places where kids can just run free and explore! I didn’t have to constantly tell Elijah to stop running and slow down.  I just let him explore the plants, the water, the ants, the bees, etc.  It really  warmed my heart to see him in wonderment.


Every time he found a small body of water, he had to put his hands in it and splash the water!!! That’s one of his favorite things to do!


At some point we decided that it was too hot for all of these clothes lol! So, I got rid of that clingy kimono and I took off Elijah’s “NASA” shirt!!!! I think he felt a little manly when I took his shirt off. Look at how he’s posing beside this St. Francis statue.


When we were finally done touring the garden, we decided to try the Longleaf Restaurant.  Thank God for air conditioner!  It felt so good in there!  And the food was okay.  I had shrimp and grits (there were barely any shrimp, just saying).  Elijah had cheese toast and some cut up strawberries.    I managed to get him to smile for the camera too!


Y’all my baby had such a good time!!! I love being able to give him new experiences and the freedom to roam!  The Atlanta Botanical Garden is such a beautiful place but, I know that there was so much that we missed.  I will definitely be bringing him again soon; hopefully before he becomes obsessed with “boy stuff” and is disgusted with plants and trees!

I plan to make this “Mommy and Me” trip a thing for us a couple times a month!!! I can’t wait to bring you all along for the journey!  If you’re in Atlanta, GA (or any of the surrounding states), do you know of any other great places to take toddlers! Let me know below!

Have an amazing day y’all. Speak to you soon!


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11 thoughts on “Mom & Me Trip: Atlanta Botanical Garden

  1. Erica says:

    I love going to the botanical gardens near me. But like you, I prefer it when it isn’t so hot. I do marvel at how little kids don’t seem to notice the heat. To only go back to being that energetic again, right?


  2. Karen says:

    I love that topiary phoenix! You are so fortunate to live in such a beautiful city. My town isn’t progressive enough to have a botanical garden so I am so jealous! Luckily I visit Atlanta (gonna wait ’til it’s cooler though) once or twice a year. Definitely going to visit the garden.


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