How to Discover Your Signature Look

The other day as I was shooting looks for Officially Chic, my photographer mentioned to me that I should have something in my look that serves as my signature, a part of my personal style that I am known for.  We talked about my sunglasses, my accessories, my hair, and my bold lippie as some of the things that I usually rock in all of my looks for the blog. These are some of the things I always get complimented on anytime I wear them. I agree with my photographer that I would make sure to take this into consideration when I’m putting my looks together in the future.

Our conversation also got me to thinking about you all. I wondered if you have discovered your signature style.  And do you know what it means to have a signature look.  I decided to discuss it a little today and give you a little advice on discovering your signature style.

The best way to get to your signature style is (1) determine what item or items looks the best on you, (2) what are you the most comfortable in, and (3) what do you get the most compliments on.  It’s really that simple.  For me, I love rocking a bold red, matte lippie.  I also love my short hair-do.  As far as clothing, I would say that I usually stick to pieces that accentuate my curves.  For the most part, I know what looks good on me and what doesn’t.  I try to avoid “what doesn’t”.

So my advice to you is to start with a single item that you love, and wear it constantly.  Eventually, that’s what you will become known for.  It could be a pair of hoop earrings, a certain type of skirt, a blazer jacket, or even a pair of kicks (sneakers).  Make it yours.  Once you do that, add interest to it with updated silhouettes or different colors.  Later, it will become your style signature!


TopH&M  PantsBoohoo  HeelsSam Edelman  BagTarget  SunglassesH&M

Photography by Shots By Priiincesss

So, my question to you is, do you have a signature look or thing about you that stands out when it comes to your personal style? Or are you still trying to figure it out?  If you need help, let me know in the comments below!  We can figure it out together!!!

Speak to you soon!


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9 thoughts on “How to Discover Your Signature Look

  1. justaddgigi says:

    Leave it up to you, Daniesha to make causal look chic! As for your signature look, when I think of you I always picture the colors black and red. You just wear it so fabulously and it really gets across your own passionate nature.

    Liked by 1 person

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