3 Life Lessons I’ve Learned As A Blogger


I’ve been blogging for almost two years now, and it has been an amazing journey full of so many life lessons.  I’m constantly pushing myself to step it up.  And to be honest, I can’t think of a time that I’ve had to motivate myself this much!  It’s tough, but I know that the payoffs are going to be tremendous.


Anyway, I decided to share with you three of the many lessons life lessons that I’ve already learned during this short amount of time.  They have been very instrumental in helping me to become a better blogger and better person.  And I know they will help you in accomplishing whatever goals you have set for yourself!


1. Consistency Will Never Fail You. Persevere.

I’ll admit it. I am one of the most inconsistent people you will ever meet.  I’ve been this way all of my life, and I’ve always known it was a problem.  Growing up there were all of things that I wanted to do and be (a singer, a model, an actress, etc.), but because of my inconsistency and perhaps lack of confidence, I never followed through with any of those passions.  To be honest I always chose the easier route of education.


Now, I’m a 30+ year old who has finally decided that I can no longer do what comes easy to me. I have to do what I’m passionate about. What am I passionate about?  Style. Motherhood. Inspiring others. This blog.  The inconsistency comes when things aren’t going my way, or when I feel like I’m working hard and not seeing any results.  Discouragement is not the best feeling.  However, it should not stop you from persevering.


We all have goals.  And the truth of the matter is, if you give up every time things aren’t going your way, you will never accomplish those goals.  So, I’m learning to push through despite the fact that sometimes I will stumble.


2. An Investment in Self Pays The Highest Dividends.

I think most successful people will tell you that investing in yourself is essential to your growth and achieving your goals.  If that means paying for some classes so that you can be more well-versed in your craft or buying that suit so that you look the part for that career that you’re trying to work in, then you must do it.  Many of us think that we know it all.  That’s just not true.  The world is changing constantly, so there is always more to learn.


I have to note, though, that investing in yourself does not necessarily mean spending money. It can mean making sure your mind is right by taking some time to meditate, properly plan, or just read.  It’s about making sure that you have all that you need mentally, spiritually, and physically.  Investing in all of these areas will earn you returns that will last a lifetime.  But, most importantly, they will make your success that much more attainable and enjoyable!


3. Rest If You Must, But Don’t Quit.

Blogging is not the hardest thing in the world physically.  But, it can be tough mentally and emotionally.  You’re constantly competing for the attention of people you barely even know.  Sometimes you question whether or not you’re good enough.  And you’re always trying to figure out how to crack the code that is social media.  It’s tiring sometimes.


When I get to the point that I’m too wrapped up in all of those things that don’t align with my ultimate purpose, I will force myself to take a break AKA rest.  Now, resting does not mean that you’re giving up.  It means that you are restoring your energy so that you can continue to be your best self!  There is nothing wrong with resting, just don’t quit!


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Photography by Shots By Priiincesss

Hopefully, these lessons will be beneficial to you and your journey.  And of course, I hope you love my outfit!  I would love to know what life lessons you live by, so that we can all benefit from them.  Share them with me below!

Speak to you soon!


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11 thoughts on “3 Life Lessons I’ve Learned As A Blogger

  1. justaddgigi says:

    I agree with all those life lessons. No one really tells you when you start blogging the mental health can take a battering when you put yourself out there. Anyway, as I love your outfit it’s such a great mix of autumn and summer. I especially love those goregous leather shorts!.


  2. Candace says:

    Awesome post, girl! I thing resting is so important to re-focus…that’s a major key in making sure you stay determined to walk your own path. It’s so easy these days to find yourself walking down the wrong one. Thanks for sharing and reminding us to be consistent, invest in ourselves and REST ❤️


  3. mammabearsays says:

    i love these lessons and i totally agree. I have been blogging for a little over a year and have had to say the hardest part has been to learn how to invest back into myself, my brand, my blog. Thank you for sharing


  4. Brittany says:

    These points are so reassuring. Blogging is much like life. One thing I’ve learned for sure is that slow and steady wins the race. With that, I’ve had to exercise the utmost patience in building my brand. I like for this to happen quickly and that’s just not how any of this works. In taking a step back to learn more and connect with more bloggers, I am learning the rules of the game. Increasing that knowledge and taking the time to apply it has alleviated more frustration than I can put into words.


  5. meximoments says:

    Your tips are so right on. I’m on my 3rd year of blogging and I felt all of these feelings! I truly love your style and your content.Lets connect so we can support each other on social media. I know how hard that can be too! Great post! 🙂


  6. Marquita says:

    These are great lessons learned. I’ve been blogging seriously for a little over two years as well and I agree with all of these. Investing in self is so important. I discovered a workshop recently that would be important for the continuous improvement of my blog but was the same day as a weekend event for a friend. I had to step aside and say this is an important investment for me.


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