5 Reasons Why Bloggers Need a #GirlSquad

I have typically been a girl who is all about doing things on my own and by myself.  But, the more I continue working to make it in this blogging world, the more I learn that I cannot do it alone.  I need help and I need people around me who are trying to do the same thing I’m trying to do: Grow, Learn, and Make an Impact. It just makes the journey a little easier.


This is why I’m so happy to have found my #GirlSquad.  I like to call us “The Isha’s”.  Below, you will see Ayesha (of Emanee’s Closet), myself (Daneisha), and Kisha (of Kisha Rose).  These ladies have been a godsend!!!  I met Ayesha on IG.  We connected because of our love of New York & Company.  I met Kisha at a thrifting event and we instantly connected.  And it’s crazy because these girls already knew each other as well!  So, we decided to have lunch together on a beautiful Saturday afternoon at a taco restaurant.  We literally sat, laughed, and bonded for hours before we had to go our separate ways.  The rest is history!


We exchange ideas.  We complain.  We laugh.  We turn up.  We bond!  And it all started with our love for fashion and blogging.  Through these ladies, I have learned the importance of having a #GirlSquad in this world of blogging.  Here are 5 reasons you should get yourself a #GirlSquad too!

1. Someone to Attend Events With You


As bloggers, we learn early how important it is to attend events related to your niche.  So, I try to attend a few events throughout the year so that I can meet other bloggers, photographers, stylists, etc.  I will admit that it’s tough going to these events alone.  Especially, since some people aren’t very “social”.  Having a group of your best girls to call on when it’s time to roll out to these events is the best feeling ever.

2. Someone to Complain to About Blogging Woes


I always talk about how hard blogging is.  But, I think you have to do it to understand just how tough it is.  And when I complain to these girls about it, they nod their heads in agreement and have plenty to add to the conversation!  They know exactly what I’m talking about.  Plus, they give me solutions to those complaints.

3. Someone to Talk Out New Ideas With


As I stated earlier, having a #GirlSquad allows you to share and receive all of the knowledge and experiences that you’ve all gained.  So, when I have an idea or if one of my girls has an idea, we share that with each other.  This gives us the chance to think things through and hear the pros and cons of that idea. Of course, it leads to new ideas as well.  Brainstorming with my #GirlSquad helps me to get my creative juices flowing!

4. Someone In Your Corner to Encourage You


For those moments when you’re doubtful and need that extra push, a #GirlSquad is essential.  Or even when you’re just being lazy, and you need someone to tell you to step it up, having someone in your corner who will be honest with you and not sugarcoat things will prove to be exactly what you need to excel at ANYTHING in life!

5. Someone to Help Celebrate Your Wins


When I tell my mom that a certain brand just “reposted” my photo on their IG, she looks at me like I’m crazy.  She doesn’t get why that is important.  But, if you’re a blogger trying to get as much exposure as possible, you understand.  So, to have girls who not only celebrate your wins, but understand those small wins is a win in itself.  It’s hard to describe how wonderful that is.  Plus, winning and being successful, alone, isn’t much fun.  We all want someone to help us celebrate!

Bonus: Someone to Be Fly With


Yes, we match each others fly! Anytime we get together, I get excited about the fashions that are about to take place!  I love both of their style!  They never cease to amaze me with the looks they create! My girls!


Meet the Squad

Kisha of @kisharose


My girl Kisha is the queen of vintage and thrifting! She has a talent for mixing prints and making every piece stand out!  Check out her blog Kisha Rose and her IG @kisharose for more style inspiration!

Ayesha of @emaneescloset


My girl Ayesha is a ray of sunshine whose fun style and smile draws you in immediately!!! I can count on her to keep me laughing and smiling the entire time we’re together!!! And she always comes with the fly bags and shoes!  For more style inspiration, check out her blog Emanee’s Closet and her IG @emaneescloset.


PhotographyKaylin N. James

Even though I’ve only know these ladies for a short amount of time, I know that our friendship will last for years!  For details on all of these leopard print looks, make sure to check out all of our blogs!

Do you have a #GirlSquad? Are you convinced now that you need one?  Let me know in the comments below.

Speak to you soon!


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10 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why Bloggers Need a #GirlSquad

  1. leahashley85 says:

    Girl!! I totally need to find a blog squad once I move!! You three are too cute, love how much fun radiates off the photos!! This is spot on… Love it… 2019 Goals Colorado Foodie Bloggers/ Recipe Developers must find my blog squad.


  2. justaddgigi says:

    Yes! I think the one thing that has made blogging easier is finding connections with other bloggers. Most of the connections are online because there is not a lot of plus size bloggers in my area. But they are so helpful on this long journey to being a better blogging.


  3. Luci Cook says:

    I wish had a girl blog squad because I am relatively new to the blogging world. It would be great to have someone to bounce ideas off with.


  4. Marya The BeauTraveler says:

    I’m not sure, but I can’t relate to this. 😛

    I don’t really take blogging seriously as it’s just a hobby for me, but maybe I will need to connect with more fellow bloggers if I consider taking the next step as a blogger.

    Thanks for sharing though. 🙂


  5. kanishka says:

    I absolutely loved each of yall and you have so convinced me to have #girlsquad of my own. It becomes so necessary to have people from your own field of work to involve with various activities when others don’t understand at all


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