OC Challenge – Day 4 – Laid Back Style

Day 4 of the “10 x 10 x 10 Officially Chic Challenge” is also about fall layering. This was my look on Thanksgiving Day.  I must say that it was perfect for a laid back day of hanging with family and overindulging on soul food.

Again, I decided to throw on this cozy cardigan, and add a pop of print with my leopard print belt.  This pair of jeans from H&M has proven to be one my favorites.  Their tendency to make me look taller and super slim has forced me to reach for them continuously these last few days!


Cardi (Sim)H&M  T-ShirtH&M  JeansH&M  BagZara  BootsSteve Madden

There you have it! Day 4, Outfit 4!!!  What do you think?  Would you rock this look?  Let me know in the comments below!

Speak to you soon!


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8 thoughts on “OC Challenge – Day 4 – Laid Back Style

  1. bespirituallybold says:

    Girl, I will definitely be using some of these outfit tips for my trip next month! Any suggestions for outfits to mix and match when the weather will be extremely cold though? I’m going to ATTEMPT to pack light…but we shall see how that goes lol


    • Officially Chic says:

      Hey girl! I would say definitely do more turtlenecks and sweaters (instead of blouses and t-shirts). And maybe two or three pairs of jeans, depending on how long you’ll be there. You really only need one pair of shoes and a coat for outerwear. Just make sure that both will match with everything you’ll be wearing during the entire trip. I know it will also depend on what you’ll be doing while you’re there too. But, try to choose pieces that can do double duty.


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