I am Officially Chic

Hello, my name is Daneisha! I am an HR/Certified Payroll Professional who also loves fashion. My goal is to inspire the everyday professional woman whether she is running a business, starting a business, managing someone else’s company, or just handling her own business. My main way of doing this is through fashion. I want women to know that you can do all things (be a mother, wife, run a business, etc.) while still looking great! But I also want to provide other helpful information and tips that will be beneficial to women trying to make it in the professional world.

Officially Chic is a fashion, beauty, and lifestyle blog designed to inspire the everyday professional woman. I’m no guru, I just love fashion. I simply wear what makes me feel good on the inside and out. My hope is that I will inspire you to do the same.

Who inspires me in fashion?

I’m inspired by confident women who aren’t afraid to be themselves. So in fashion my biggest inspiration is Rihanna. She exudes confidence and she never lets her clothes wear her. She looks great because “she looks great”, not because of what she’s wearing. Plus, she’s a great business woman. I think that it’s important for women to always handle their business. She does just that while also inspiring so many women to be themselves. I’m also inspired by women and men who embrace their imperfections; or even better, they celebrate the things make them different. For example, Winnie Harlow has turned her skin condition into a huge modeling career.  Her imperfection could have made her insecure.  But instead, she used it set herself apart from other models.  And now she’s a successful fashion model.  I love that.

What am I passionate about?

I’m passionate about inspiring women to feel beautiful despite the everyday happenings that can make us feel the opposite.  I started my fashion blog because I love fashion.  But, I also started it because I wanted to show women that we can do it all (run businesses, raise a family, follow our passions, etc) while also looking great and feeling great.  I’m passionate about using my love of fashion to push women to be their best, give back, find peace, be smarter, and most of all BE HAPPY.

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