5 Reasons I Love Being a Woman

Since I’m celebrating National Women’s History Month this month (See post here), I decided to really put some thought into the things that I love about being a woman.  There were so many things that came to mind but I tried to drill it down to just five.  Check out my list below!


1. We are expected to do everything.  And most of the time we can!  We can multi-task like no other because we have to! As we speak, I am eating, doing work for my job, talking to my coworker, and trying to finish this post all at the same time. And guess what, everything is going to get done!


2. We age like fine wine.  As long as we take care of ourselves, we only get better.  Take a look at Angela Bassett and you will see what I’m talking about.


3. We bring new lives into this world.  After becoming a mother a little over a year ago, I can honestly say that motherhood is one of the best things about being a woman!  There is no better feeling than knowing that I brought this little man into the world and I get to help mold him into this great human being. It’s beautiful.


4. We are intelligent; probably more intelligent than men. My point is that we are more than just mothers, wives, girlfriends, etc. We’re running for president, we’re running Fortune 500 companies, we’re discovering cures for diseases, and we’re doing it well!


5. We make everything look good.  I mean you can never tell what’s going on with a woman just by looking at her. She could be stressed out from all of the multiple tasks that she has to complete, but you would never know. Why? Because she makes it all look easy!  Furthermore, a man can look nice and dapper in his expensive, tailored designer suit. But, put a beautiful woman next to him and he’s goes from look good to looking great!  We do that! We make everything better!

After completing this list, the song “I’m Every Woman” kept playing in my head. It really made me think. Ladies we are everything!  We cook, we mother, we run businesses, we plan, we fix, we love, we fight, and we do it all NATURALLY!  Let’s celebrate these great things about ourselves! We deserve it!

About My Look: TopNY & Company SkirtNY & Company  SandalsTarget

Speak to you soon!


National Women’s History Month


Happy Wednesday!  As you may or may not know, March is National Women’s History Month!  In the 1970’s, National Women’s History Month began as only a week in March. During this week, teachers would educate classrooms on the achievements of women.  It was also a means to achieving equity goals within the classrooms. In 1987, Congress declared March as National Women’s History Month in perpetuity. A special Presidential Proclamation is issued every year which honors the extraordinary achievements of American women.  Every year, there is a theme that is picked by the National Women’s History Project.  The theme this year is “Honoring Trailblazing Women in Labor and Business.”  I’ve decided to join in on celebrating women in labor and business by doing a weekly feature of women in business who have inspired me.

This feature will include women who exemplify all of the things that we should aspire to be.  They are determined, hardworking, disciplined, diligent, successful and beautiful!  I will present these women’s stories of how they started their businesses, what inspires them, and some of their secrets to success.

My goal is to inspire you, the everyday professional woman, whether you are running a business, starting a business, managing someone else’s company, or just handling your own business.  I am so excited to be celebrating the power of women.

Check out the National Women’s History Project website to get more information on National Women’s History Month here.

Speak to you soon!


Make a Statement in a Trendy Dress


Dress  (Sold Out) – ASOS (Similar)  SandalsTarget NecklaceOld Navy  EarringsNY & Company

From what I’ve been reading, check prints are currently “trending”. But to be honest, check print isn’t a new thing.  It’s funny because a lot of these styles that are supposedly “trending” have really been around for a while.  They’re not new. Anywho, whether it’s trendy or not, I’m really feeling this little dress.  I think my favorite thing about this dress is this sweetheart neckline.  I’m all about subtle sexiness and this neckline is displaying just that.  So here’s to a little subtle sexiness!  I hope you have a wonderful Monday!

Speak to you soon!


Casual Friday: Rocking The “Athleisure” Trend

I never thought that I would be wearing track pants as dress pants.  But, yes that’s what I’m doing today and I love it.  This has to be one of my favorite looks yet.
I think it’s because it’s outside of my usual sheath dress and pencil skirt.  Now, you know I love my figure hugging pieces but I like to try something different every now and then.
So, I went with this “Athleisure” look.  “Athleisure” styled clothes are basically dressed up workout clothes.  They’re pieces like track pants, hoodies, and joggers that are being worn with heels instead of tennis shoes; hence my outfit of the day.
These pants are so comfortable, chic, and effortless all at the same time.  So though I’m wearing them as a dressed up look, they can be dressed down with a pair of sneakers and a cute sweatshirt for a more laid back look as well.
Top – Who What Wear  Pants – Who What Wear  Heels – Target  BagWho What Wear
Today, I decided to pair my pants with this slinky top and my block heel sandals.  And for a little mix of prints, I add this printed clutch. I love this look! What do you think of the “Athleisure” trend? Let me know below.
Speak to you soon!

Blooming Beautifully – Floral Dress


Dress (Sold Out) – ASOS (Similar)  BagALDO  SandalsTarget

Spring is in the air and I’m so looking forward to it. I get this feeling of restoration and renewal which has me looking forward to life and new beginnings!  This dress is very reminiscent of spring which is why I love it!  Now, I know that I’m supposed to be keeping my shopping to a minimum.  But, who can turn down a $7.00 dress. Normally, I wouldn’t even wear this dress around this time of the year. But, this weather in Atlanta will have you wearing a sundress one day and UGG boots the next. So I figured, why not? Now this dress is great but I would definitely throw on a black blazer or even a blush colored blazer (for spring) to make it more office appropriate. Are you looking forward to spring as well?!?! What are your favorite things about spring?!?! Let me know in the comments below!

Speak to you soon!


Make a Statement with a New Do


TopNY & Company  Skirt NY & Company  HeelsTarget  BagMichael Kors

This blouse from New York & Company has me feeling so lady-like! I’ve mentioned how much I love this “bold sleeves” trend before so you already know how I feel about this top! It’s so romantic and fancy. It’s also a good balance to this bright red pencil skirt that I’m wearing which is a bit sexy.  I always try to keep my looks simple and easy, yet sophisticated and chic with a little sexiness to go with it.  I hope this is reflected in my posts.  You don’t have to be flamboyant and over the top to be stylish.  It’s all about wearing what makes you feel good on the inside and out.

Oh yea, and I have a new do! Don’t you just love it! I was ready for a new look so I decided to chop all my hair off and start all over again. Every time I do the “big chop,” I get this freeing feeling inside of me. We all should know that feeling.

I hope you love my new do! Let me know what you think of it in the comments section below.

Talk to you soon!!!


Casual Friday: Give Them The “Cold-Shoulder”


TopH&M  JeansGap  Boots Macy’s  BagNew York & Company  JewelryWindsor

Happy Friday!!! This look is actually from last Sunday when I was on my way to a Super Bowl party (Applebee’s); hence the red and black.  Well, we know how that turned out.  Anyway, I LOOOOVVVVEEE this sweater; mainly because it’s cute and it only cost about $15.  What I appreciate about the “cold-shoulder” sweater trend is that I can reveal a little sexiness but I’m still covered.  To add to my bit of sexiness, I have on my favorite OTK boots.  And I added a pop of color with my “little red bag.” Isn’t it the cutest?!?!  I hope you have a great Friday and a wonderful weekend!!!

Speak to you soon!