2 Simple and Chic Ways I Wore My Turtleneck

When it comes to my personal style, I’m pretty much a minimalist.  I don’t like to wear a lot of layers and I don’t like a lot of accessories either.  Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE to see how others layer their pieces and accessorized their jewelry, scarves, etc.  But for my own style I’m pretty simple.  To me, it doesn’t take a lot to look chic and stylish.  To be honest, I feel like less is more sometimes.  So to illustrate the “less is more” statement, I’m showing you two simple and chic ways I styled my black H&M turtleneck.


Let me start by telling you that this turtleneck was only $12 at H&M. It’s a jersey material so it’s pretty thin, but it’s perfect for fall; especially for those who do like to layer.  Also, I should mention that Pinterest is the “Holy Grail” of style inspiration because this look was totally inspired by a picture that I found while perusing my Pinterest boards here.


Anyway, I’m a sucker for a great pair of high waist jeans and I love the way my turtlenecks look with them.  So I pulled out my favorite Gap jeans for the first look.   And since I was so inspired by the simplicity of this look on Pinterest, I really wanted to keep my accessories to a minimum.


TurtleneckH&M  JeansGap  BootsForever 21  Bag – Marshalls  BeltLulus

With that, I just added this cute little crossbody that I purchased from Marshalls and my very inexpensive faux leather booties from Forever 21.  I felt so chic and comfy in these pieces y’all.  This is my style at it’s most authentic!


This next look is also a great example of my personal style at its “realest”.  I styled my turtleneck with these plaid high waist shorts from Zara.  I knew I wanted to add plaid bottoms with my turtleneck but initially, I was thinking about wearing plaid pants.  Pnce I saw these shorts at Zara, I knew exactly what I wanted to do with them.  So, I got them and decided to add another fall staple with them, black opaque tights.  I mean, who doesn’t love tights; especially black ones.


And to finish off the look, I finally got the chance to pull out my black over-the-knee boots that I purchased last fall!  These boots are one of my favorite fall pieces and I can’t wait to start pairing them with everything in my closet!


TurtleneckH&M  ShortsZara  Boots – Macy’s  Bag – Marshalls  TightsWalmart

I don’t know if you watch “Friends”, but the “Rachel Green” character played by Jennifer Aniston is my favorite character on the show.  Why?  Because she was the most stylish friend of them all!  Her style was always so chic and put together.  I particularly loved her turtleneck, shorts, and black tights combo.  So today, I am serving you my own brown version of “Rachel Green”!


That’s all folks!  What do you think of these two looks?  Do you love or hate turtlenecks?  I know some are not into them, but they really are a great classic piece to have in your closet for fall!  Let me know what you think in the comments below.

Speak to you soon!


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This Chic Blazer is Perfect for the Office

Hello, October and Happy Monday! I woke up this morning super excited to get back to blogging again after taking a week off.  I’m refreshed and ready to go! Today I’m featuring one of my favorite statement pieces that I’ve purchased so far this fall.  This plaid boyfriend blazer from the A New Day™ collection at Target is a classic piece that I will be wearing for years to come.  I’ve already worn it like five times since I purchased it about a month ago.


A statement blazer is a must-have in your wardrobe. As a matter of fact, you should probably start with a couple of them in your closet.  I say this because blazers are super versatile


For example, as you can see in this post here, I first wore the blazer with a pair of black high-waist rider pants and a graphic tee.  I’ve also worn this blazer with jeans and a bodysuit.  One of my favorite bloggers even styled it with a leather skirt.  Check her out here.  The styling options with blazers are endless.


However, today I decided to throw on the matching plaid ankle pants from the A New Day™ Collection.  These go perfectly with the blazer and gave me a more professional suited look.


I still wanted a bit of sexiness, so I decided to add this gorgeous black satin cami from A New Day™.  This cami is another piece that is going to be on repeat this fall.  Who knew such a simple piece could make such a statement?  It’s cute, simple, and sexy all in one.


BlazerTarget  PantsTarget  TopTarget  Bag – Aldo  Pumps (Similar)Aldo

Per usual, to finish the look off, I added my black bag from Aldo and my favorite black pumps for BCBG.  So what do you think?  Isn’t this blazer amazing!  And the great thing about this one that I’m wearing is that it’s only $35.  I felt great about the price because I know for sure that I’m going to have it for a long time and I will get a lot of wear out of it.  It fits wonderfully, and the quality and stitching are high quality.  You can’t beat that!

Do you think blazers are an essential piece to have in your closet?  Let me know in the comments below.  Have a wonderful Monday!


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How To Create The Perfect Office Look

There are some days that I get up and have no clue what I’m going to wear into the office.  These are usually the days that I have not completed the 15 Minute Challenge and therefore, I’m not prepared for my day at all.  I savagely look through my closet hoping to come across something cute and work appropriate before I have to make the decision to wear jeans and a t-shirt.  Sometimes I do end up settling for the jeans and t-shirt combo.  But, other times, I can quickly put together a cute outfit with just four simple pieces – a blouse, skirt, heels and a handbag.



Start with a solid colored skirt in whatever style fits you best.  It could be a pencil skirt, a pleated skit, an a line, etc.  The skirt could also be any color.  But it’s best to have a black, navy, or grey colored one.  These colors are just easier to mix and match with other blouses and shirts in your closet.  This leads us to the next piece; the blouse.



Next, add a nice printed blouse to your skirt.  You should have a few blouses with various designs and prints in your closet.  As I stated above, this makes it so that you will have multiple looks to create with your bottoms when preparing for work.  Also, fancy printed blouses can be wearable in the office as well as happy hour.  Invest in a few that are versatile.



I love a classic heel.  So my first suggestion is to always have a pair of black pumps. They go with everything so they’re the easiest item to throw on with just about any outfit without thinking twice. I also suggest a pair of black heeled sandals as well for the summer and spring seasons.  They’re just as easy to throw on as a pair of pumps. However, if you’re not a heel girl, find a cute pair of flats like these here.  They will work just fine to!  Whether you heels or flats, the goal is to make sure you have a nice pair of go-to shoes that work well with most outfits.  Comfort is also the goal!



A chic and simple handbag is a must have as well.  Make sure it’s a good, sturdy bag to keep all of your items for work.  But you also want it to be stylish like this one here.


BlouseH&M  Pencil SkirtH&M Block HeelsTarget  HandbagH&M

Lastly,  add a few simple accessories like a pair of earrings and a simple watch to top it off.  That’s all you need ladies!  So go through your closet and makes sure that you have each one of these pieces mentioned above.  If not, click on some of the links above for ideas of what you need to add to your closet to create the perfect workwear look.  This will make it so much easier to get dressed for work in the morning.  And you’ll be more chic and stylish for the office.

Speak to you soon!


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5 Amazing Stores with Cute Affordable Workwear

Happy Monday! Today I’m letting you in on some of my favorite stores to shop for work clothes. This post was inspired by one of my Facebook friends who needed to know where to go to find nice, affordable workwear. So I decided to update a post that I did last year (see here) with some new options for you ladies.  Check them out below.



I’ve been shopping at ASOS for about three years now and I’m never disappointed. They’re selections are great and there’s so much variety.  Plus they have this program where you can pay $19 and get free 2-day shipping for a year!  I love this program!  For office wear, I am very fond of their sheath dresses.

New York & Company


My friends and family can attest to the fact that New York & Company is and has always been one of my FAVORITE stores.  My mother introduced me to this fabulous store when I was younger and now I come here to buy my own clothes.  They’re always having a sale and if you sign up to receive emails from them, you’ll get really good coupons. My favorite items to purchase from them are jeans (perfect fit), dress pants, and blazers.



If you’re just beginning to build your business wear wardrobe, I would suggest trying H&M. They have awesome staple pieces at affordable prices.  My favorite business wear items to purchase from this site are pencil skirts.  The skirts fit me perfectly.  Be aware of your size with this store, the sizes tend to run small.  A method I utilized was to order multiple sizes to try on as I became familiar with their clothes.


2017-09-18 11_10_20-Worthington Short Sleeve Sheath Dress - JCPenney

Sometimes I walk into JCPenney just to get into rest of the mall; but every once in a while, I walk around to check out some of their clothing. To be honest, they never disappoint. JCPenney is another store that always has a sale going on. Now I don’t know if that’s good for business, but it’s good for my pockets. I’ve found some amazing dresses for work there. But I think I love their blouses, accessories, and bags the most. Some of my favorite brands at JCPenney are Worthington and Liz Claiborne.


2017-09-18 11_19_49-Calvin Klein Colorblocked Sheath Dress - Dresses - Women - Macy's

Marshall’s has the best affordable dresses; hands down! I have found so many nice dresses for work at Marshall’s. Their signature dresses are usually Calvin Klein pieces that were marked down from over a hundred dollars to forty. Now that’s a deal! I’ve never been disappointed with a dress purchase from Marshall’s.

And there you have it.  These stores have the best pieces for the best prices if you’re looking to spruce up your workwear wardrobe.  Make sure you check them out.

Speak to you soon!


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The 15 Minute Challenge Was a Success!!!

Today I’m featuring two of my subscribers who followed my advice last week and took the 15 Minute Challenge.  Last week I wrote about the one trick that I use to ensure that I’m stylish everyday or when I want to be.  The trick is to take about 15 minutes the night before to prepare your outfit.   It’s a simple trick that can make a huge difference in your morning and your day.

Last week I challenged you to try it out.  I asked you to take 15 minutes the night before your busy day to pick out an outfit, try it on and make sure you loved it.  Then I asked for you to send me a photo of your look so that I could feature you on the blog this week.  These ladies below tried the 15 Minute Challenge and were amazed at how much better their day flowed just by having a stylish outfit already picked out the night before.  This just speaks to the importance of being prepared.  That’s all it takes.  Check out the ladies below and check out the links to similar pieces that they’re wearing.

Both of these ladies are dressed and ready to impress for the fall season.


TopTarget  HeelsSteve Madden  JewelryAmazon  SkirtRomwe

Sydney is wearing one of my favorite fall colors, olive.  She styled her olive skirt with a closet staple, the crisp white button up.  Her look is the perfect example of color blocking!  The great thing about color blocking is that it creates a very simple look.  Yet, its super chic and stylish!  That’s what Sydney is giving us today.  She told me that she received so many compliments on her look AND she got to work on time.  Now that’s what I’m talking about. Slay on Sydney!  Check out more of Sydney on IG @Ambitiouz_kitty14.


TopTarget  SkirtH&M  BootiesSteve Madden  TightsTarget

Next up is Taneisha.  She is also serving up fall vibes.  She paired together two classic colors, black and nude/tan.  One thing that I loved about this look were her printed tights.  Chic tights never go out of style and because you can wear them with skirts and shorts, they are great for fall.  Taneisha was so excited about the fact that she looked great and also had an amazing start to her day; all because she decided to prepare for her day the night before.  This 15 minute challenge set the mood for her entire day.  Check out more of Taneisha on IG @Phenomenalmoi.

Don’t these ladies look great!  I’ve decided that I want to make this a thing.  I love the idea of efficiency and how it can have this compound effect.  Preparing for your day the night before can lead to a smoother morning routine, which ultimately leads to a more productive and positive day.  Plus, you’re guaranteed to look more amazing!  So I’m encouraging you to try the 15 Minute Challenge at least once twice a week.  And like Sydney and Taneisha did, email that photo to Officiallychic1@yahoo.com and I will feature you on the blog next week.  I hope you have an amazing weekend!  And remember to love yourself and be fearless!

Speak to you soon!


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My New Mom Jeans are the Best Fit Ever

It’s funny that years ago, I used to tease my mom about her jeans that she always wore over her belly.  And now I do the same thing. If you ever see me out and I have on jeans, mostly likely, they will be high waist jeans.  These jeans hold in everything. Plus, I just feel more comfortable and secure in jeans that come over my belly.


Like most women, I own plenty of jeans, so I didn’t need new ones.  But I had been seeing one of my favorite bloggers, Jenee Marie, rock these jeans over and over again.  She styled them so well; so well, that I decided I had to try them for myself.  SN: This is why I love social media.  I would never have thought to buy these jeans if I hadn’t seen her wear them and style them so tastefully!


But anyway, she posted that she had purchased the “mom jeans” from Target. That was all I needed to hear because I love Target and most of their pieces. So, I went to Target’s website and searched for these “mom jeans”.  After scrolling through a few pages on their site, I found the jeans!


They’re actually from a brand called DenizenDenizen is a company owned by Levi’s that is only sold in Target stores. Well once, I saw Levi’s name attached to these jeans, I knew that I could trust the quality.  And to add to the good quality, they were only $30!  So I wouldn’t be losing much if I went ahead and ordered them online.


I guessed my size (I’m a size 7 Juniors in the jeans) and ordered them along with this crisp white button down from the A New Day brand by Target.


My purchases got here quickly; and as it turns out, the jeans fit perfectly.  I couldn’t believe how comfortable and cute these were!


ShirtTarget  JeansTarget  PumpsBCBGeneration  CrossbodyMichael Kors

I love the fact that they are an updated version of the “mom jean”. They have room for your booty, and they’re forgiving at the waist.  And for the women with more butt and a very small waist, they fit like a glove, without the space in the back. I’m telling you, these jeans are the best fit ever.  They were tailor made for us.  I’m already scouring Target’s website to see if I can find more styles of these Denizen jeans because I love them!  What do you think of these jeans?  Would you buy them!  Let me know in the comments below!

Speak to you soon!


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A Simple Way to Make a Statement this Fall

One big trend for the fall season is red.  This comes as a surprise because red is usually a summer and winter color.  Fall colors usually consist of deeper reds like burgundy, wine, and crimson.


I must say that I am not mad about it though because I love a bright and bold red look.


How can red be worn this fall, you may ask. Well, I love the monochromatic look of an all red outfit; Meaning head to toe red of different textures and pieces. In my opinion, an all red look radiates power, sophistication, and style!


But I also love red color blocked with pink or even black. As you can see, this is what I did today.


My favorite red item that I am seeing a lot already is the red boot. If you’re looking for some new boots for the fall, try a red pair. It’s a must have for fall and winter. I would pair them with a cute red sweater midi dress or a pair of denim jeans and a denim top. The options are endless!


TopASOS  PantsNew York & Co  HeelsBCBGeneration  JewelryNew York & Co

So today I decided to pair my favorite red pants with a sexy off-the-shoulder top to give you a fun date night look. Now, of course, this look could work for more than a date night.  It would be perfect for a nice outing with your girls or even a networking event for your company.

Red pants (red anything) are a statement piece.  I literally bought these pants because of the bright red color.  So with that being said, you don’t have to do much with the rest of your outfit when you’re wearing a red piece.  Keep everything else simple.

And I love the fact these pants are high-waist. It creates a sleek silhouette and a waist defining accent. What do you think of the red trend this fall? Will you be rocking it?  Let me know in the comments below!

Speak to you soon!


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