How to Wear: The Floral Kimono Robe From New York & Company


Kimono’s have to be one of the most versatile pieces that I own.  You can style them with jeans, shorts, dresses, etc.  And since they will probably never go out of style, and they come in so many prints, designs, and lengths, it won’t hurt to stock up on more and more of them every season.  As you can see below, I’m definitely practicing what I preach.


The office is one of the places where a kimono can really get it’s shine on.  Mainly because a lot of us keep our office looks very simple and monochrome.  The kimono is a superb way to add some color and interest to your office looks.  And it’s quite simple to get the look right.


The office that I work in has a very laid back dress code.  Some employees come in with a full three piece suit, while others come in with jeans and a t-shirt.  It’s all over the place in there.  But, because the dress code is so laid back, I can choose to get really cute some days and other days I can come in there looking like I just rolled out of bed.


Either way, sometimes it can be tough trying to decide how to look nice without doing the most.  I like a little balance, ya know.  So I’ve found that the kimono usually works because all I have to do is throw it on top of my outfit and I instantly look like I tried.   It can be dressed up or down.


One way that I like to style my kimono by dressing up a pair of jeans and tee.  The denim, white tee, kimono combo is a winning outfit formula.  It gives a casual vibe that I love.  If your office is like mine, you could wear the jeans, tee, and kimono look on any given day.  But, if you have a more formal office, then this look may need to be reserved for casual Friday only.


Another way that you can wear a kimono is with a bodycon dress.  A simple bodycon dress, topped with a kimono adds dimension and serves a purpose.  It draws attention to all the right places, yet it enriches the look of your bodycon dress.


KimonoNew York & Company  ShortsNew York & Company  HeelsTarget

Photography: Shots By Priiincesss

Lastly, the look that I’m wearing today includes a beautiful, exotic, and colorful floral print kimono.  It’s very flowy and adds a pop of detail to this all black look.  I’m sure we’ve all done the all black (or all blue or gray, etc) but if you’re looking to step it up and out, adding a kimono as beautiful as this one will do the trick.

What’s you favorite way to rock your kimonos?

Let me know in the comments below. Speak to you soon!


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Personal Style: How to Find Your Fashion Formula


Bodysuit ASOS  SkirtNew York & Company  HeelsSteve Madden  BagForever 21

Personal style is an outward expression of your personality through fashion. For most women, it’s not until we reach our late twenties and early thirties that we’re finally able to define our personal style. We discover what works and doesn’t work for us. We stop trying to look good for others and strive to look and feel good for ourselves.  This is something that just comes with age and maturity.  I think I speak for most women when I say that at age 30, I know my best features, my favorite pieces of clothing, what looks good on me, what I should never wear, and what pieces make me feel amazing!  These discoveries are a result of determining my personal style.  Below, I have listed some tips that helped me on the journey to discovering my personal style.


DressWho What Wear™  HeelsTarget  BagShein  SunglassesTarget

Choose pieces that accentuate your best features and assets.  Every woman is beautiful inside and out.  But we all have certain physical features that allow us to stand out from the rest in the most beautiful way.  My legs are my best feature (in my opinion).  So I tend to wear pieces that show off my legs.  Some pieces that you will most likely see me in are midi/mini dresses, pencil skirts, shorts, and skinny jeans.  So, what if your best feature is your toned arms?  Then you would want more sleeveless tops and sleeveless dresses.  If your derriere is your best feature, you would go for fitted pieces like body-con dresses and fitted jeans.  Now for those parts of your body that you like the least, you can find pieces that downplay those areas as well.  Check out this site that describes ways to dress up your favorite and least favorite features here.  When you highlight your best features, it minimalizes your least favorite bits.


BlazerZara  BodysuitH&M  JeansH&M  HeelsZara  BagZara  LippieSephora

Pay attention to how you feel when you wear certain clothes.  You want to feel good in what you’re wearing. My motto, is if it doesn’t feel good, don’t wear it. So when discovering your personal style, go for those pieces that make you feel confident, sexy, comfortable, put-together, attractive, happy, etc.  Those are the pieces that you want to incorporate into your personal style.  The opposite applies as well. Get rid of the pieces that make you feel exposed, confined, uncomfortable, self-conscious, or frumpy.  Style and fashion are about expressing the best version of yourself.


JumpsuitTarget  CrossbodyH&M  BraceletArch & Bow  Necklace Forever 21

Consider the activities you do the most. How do you dress for them? Pieces that align with your daily activities should be in your closet.  5 days a week, I spend about 8 hours a day at a desk.  The kind of pieces that I wear is going to be different from someone who is on the move throughout the day.  I’m sitting; So, I may be able to incorporate more pairs of high heels in my closet. On the other hand, a businesswoman who spends more time on her feet throughout the day may have more pairs of shorter heels or flats. Your day to day activities determines whether you’ll have more dresses, pants, jewelry, bright colors, makeup, etc as a part of your personal style.


BlazerTarget  JeansTarget  TopASOS  ClutchASOS  HeelsSteve Madden

Determine pieces in your closet that sit and sit.   If there are pieces in your closet that you have not worn in years, months, or seasons, those are pieces that you probably don’t like (unless they’re special occasion pieces) and won’t wear much. Get rid of them.   That’s usually an indication that they are not anything that you are interested in wearing and therefore not a part of your personal style.

My suggestion would be to go through all of those pieces, try them out one last time, and if you still feel that they are not anything that you’re going to wear, get rid of them.  Sell them and go buy some things that you actually like.   Then go back into your closet and pay more attention to the pieces that you do love and decide what it is that you love about those pieces.  Is it the shape? Is it the design? Is it the colors? Is it how you feel when you wear it?  Those are the pieces that you want to get more of.


JacketH&M  T-ShirtH&M  JeansBanana Republic  HeelsTarget  BagMarshall’s

Find style inspiration from a celebrity or anyone whose style you love.  For example, one of my style icons is Tracee Ellis Ross.  Her style is very classy, original, fun, bold, and chic.  She has a lot of wild, mixed prints and textured pieces.  But my favorite pieces from her are usually the simple, monochrome, streamlined pieces.  Those represent my style well.  And I’m quick to find a less expensive version of it.  My advice is to look to someone with a similar body type as yours.  Look at the pieces that they’re wearing because most likely if those pieces look good on them, they will look great on you as well.


TopFashion Nova  PantsASOS  HeelsASOS  BagMarshall’s  NecklaceForever 21

Because women are very complex, most times our style can be defined in multiple ways. For example, I have my style for when I want to be chic and a little sexy and flirty. I also have my style for when I want to look professional.  Then I have my casual, dressed down style which is usually jeans with a nice blouse and a pair of high heels! But you will always see similarities between my looks no matter what.  And these looks will always accentuate my best features.

Make sure you’re exuding the best version of you when determining your personal style. And own it!

How do you define your personal style? Let me know in the comments below. Speak to you soon!


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How I Found the Perfect “Mom” Swimsuit


I have to say that finding a swimsuit that fits me in a way that makes me feel comfortable and sexy at the same time is  not the easiest task.  My body insecurities became very apparent when I decided to do a little swimsuit shopping for an upcoming pool party a couple weeks ago.  I started by ordering a couple swimsuits online from one of my favorite websites.


I wasn’t sure how and if the swimsuit would fit, so I ordered two of them in different sizes.  Once they got here (the day before the party), I tried one of the swimsuits on. It was this pretty green color that looked perfect against my skin.  The fit wasn’t too bad but there was no support for my boobs.  So, it was a “no” for me.


The next morning I decided to head to Target to see what I could find there.  And that is where the adventure really began.


Note: Since having Elijah, I have not worn a two piece swimsuit (for obvious reasons).  But for some reason, I convinced myself that I would give it a try this Summer.  I went into Target actually thinking that I would find a two piece swimsuit that would be so perfect that I would actually flaunt it at somebody’s pool party.


Well, I got to Target’s swimsuit section and was in heaven because there were so many options.  It’s important to note that most of the swimsuits were in Juniors sizes (you’ll understand the importance of that notation very soon).  I started pulling all of these pieces that I thought would be perfect for me.  I chose mostly high waist bottoms and tops that I hoped would fit my boobs.  I also picked up a few one piece swim suits as well.


I started with this blue floral strappy halter bikini top and this high waist strappy bikini bottom.  Now to be honest, the top held my boobs up perfectly, but I didn’t feel too comfy in the bottoms.  So, I moved on to a few more; But I continued to find reasons that I didn’t like them.  Either my boobs looked horrible in them, my stomach was too pudgy, my butt was too big, or the suit was just too small altogether.  I went back and forth to that dressing room hoping that I would finally find the right swimsuit, only to be disappointed every time.  After my third trip to the dressing room ended in more disappointment, I decided to get out of there.  I threw everything on the shelf and walked back to the front of Target to head out.  On my way out, I noticed a small section of  very modest swimsuits by the brand Merona.  Now these swimsuits weren’t as colorful and flashy as the ones in the Juniors section, but I still decided to give them a try.


I picked up about 4 of them (here, here, here, and here).  Y’all when I tell you that every one of those swimsuits fit perfectly!!!! I was so freaking happy!!!  They gave my boobs all the support they needed.  My little pudge was perfectly concealed,  and my butt looked great!  Plus, I felt sexy in every swimsuit.  Now, the only problem was deciding which one I would keep.  I ended up keeping the green and fuchsia ones so that I could try them on again at home.  As you can see below, the green swimsuit won in the end.


Y’all I realized that I am not a teeny bopper who can just go into a store and find a swimsuit (I kinda already knew this).  I’m a grown woman whose body is not perfect but still worthy of the perfect swimsuit.  I’m so glad that there are brands like Merona that take all of my curves into consideration when making swimsuits.  It was such a relief and I felt so confident and sexy in my swimsuit when I unveiled it at the pool party.  And isn’t that always the goal when it comes to personal styling.  Thank you Target and Merona for helping me find the perfect swimsuit!!!!


The truth of the matter is, after having babies, unless you’re a unicorn, our bodies are transformed and it’s very hard to accept that.  But you must. I must.  I have all of these new stretchmarks, cellulite, extra skin, etc. that are mostly permanent (unless I decide to get surgery which I am not against) that I am still learning to get used to.  And trying on swimsuits really brought back those very real insecurities.  But I’m glad I didn’t let them get the best of me while swimsuit shopping.


SwimsuitTarget  Cover UpTarget  EarringsTarget  SunglassesTarget

After my experience, I decided to write this post because 1) I wanted to let y’all know that it’s okay to not fully like certain parts of your body (but you should love it), 2) I’m not all the way there when it comes to fully embracing my new body like I thought I was, 3) There is a perfect swimsuit out there for everyone, and 4) If you don’t feel good in your swimsuit, don’t wear it.  However, if you love it, you better rock that thing like you are Beyonce’ strutting across the stage on her OTRII tour!!!


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The Best 4th of July Sales Going on Right Now

Good Morning Family!!!! I hope you’re having an amazing week so far!  I am on vacation this week, so you can bet that I’m enjoying my week.  My plan this week is to spend time with my family, eat plenty barbecue, and take my son to watch the fireworks. Though I’m on vacation from my 9-5, my second love (blogging) must also continue.

Independence Day is tomorrow which means the big sales are on!!! I’m excited about the time that I get to spend with my family, but I’m also excited about all of the sales that are happening this week. Therefore, I felt that it was my duty to put you on. Now of course, you can go into the stores, but you know I love to do my shopping online from the comfort of my bed. I have already scooped up a few pieces from some of these shops, and I will be sharing them with you later.  But in the mean time, check out some of the links below to get some of the best sales that are happening online right now.

Check them out below!

ASOS, 10% off Sale items with Code: EXTRA


H&M, Summer Styles from $4


Old Navy, Banana Republic, and Gap, Up to 60% Off


Target, 20% Off Clothes, Shoes, and Swim


Zara, Zara Sale Continues While Supplies Last


Forever 21, Extra 40% Off All Sale Items


Steve Madden, Summer Clearance Event Up to 70% Off


Aldo, 50% Off Original Price On All Sale Items


New York & Company, 40% Off Everything


Boohoo, 50% Off Everything


And there you have it! Happy Shopping!


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What’s In My Shopping Cart + Big ASOS Sale

My favorite pastime is online shopping. I can spend hours scrolling through pages and pages of “New Arrivals” while online “window” shopping. Sometimes I even have a glass of wine too. It’s a good time for me! I get excited about the newest trends. So, I start imaging what I’m going to purchase for the next season, and how I’m going to style it. Of course, my next step is throwing all of these pieces that I love in “my bag”.  I end up with a “shopping bag” full of clothes that I may or may not purchase.

Last week, while scrolling through the pieces in my bag (trying to see if any prices had dropped), I thought why not share my bag with my subscribers. So, I decided to share some of those items with you today.   These pieces are perfect additions to your wardrobe.  And all of them are from my favorite online store, ASOS.

I am huge fan of ASOS, mainly because it is my one stop shop for everything trendy and classic.  It doesn’t matter what I’m looking for, most likely I will find it (or some variation of it) on the ASOS website.  I’ve been shopping at ASOS for about five years now and I’m never disappointed. They’re selections are great and there’s so much variety.  Plus they have this program where you can pay $19 and get free 2-day shipping for a year; which is very convenient when you’re trying to quickly put together an outfit for the weekend.

First Column:

  1. ASOS DESIGN Lace Insert Romper
  2. ASOS DESIGN Lace Victoriana Blouse
  3. ASOS DESIGN long sleeve wrap top in stripe
  4. ASOS DESIGN mini wrap dress with belt
  5. ASOS DESIGN square neck polka dot mini sundress
  6. ASOS DESIGN Tall Farleigh high waist slim mom jeans
  7. ASOS DESIGN Wide Leg Pants With Popper Front
  8. ASOS DESIGN wrap front jumpsuit with peg leg and self belt
  9. ASOS Pearl Embellished Smock Top

Second Column:

  1. Bershka shopper bag in black
  2. Bershka stripe blazer dress in cream
  3. Boohoo Floral Pleated Skater Dress
  4. Boohoo Stripe Wrap Tie Side Blouse
  5. Closet London pencil dress with ruched cap sleeve in blue
  6. Daisy Street Romper With Tie Sleeves In Polka Dot
  7. Glamorous Boxy Cross Body Bag With Woven Detail
  8. Lavish Alice Tailored Wrapover Romper
  9. Missguided Cigarette Pants

Third Column:

  1. Missguided Stripe Bardot Skort Romper
  2. Missguided Tall belted jumpsuit
  3. Missguided Tall Paper Waist Culottes
  4. Morgan Card Holder
  5. Morgan X Georgia May Jagger Tailored PANTS
  6. Outrageous Fortune Bardot Tailored Jumpsuit with Tapered Leg
  7. PrettyLittleThing Wrap Polka Dot Body
  8. South Beach Round Straw Cross Body Bag
  9. Warehouse knitted straw bag with removable pouch

Also, y’all know I have your back; So, I have to let y’all know about the big sale that’s happening at ASOS.

Spend & Save event: Get $50 off200, $70 off $250, $100 off $350 with code: SPARK50, SPARK70, SPARK100. Valid 6/25-6/30 2 am GMT.

Which one of these pieces are you going to try?  Speak to you soon!


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Red, White, & Blue: Chic 4th of July Looks

Good Morning OC Family!!! As you know, the annual celebration of Independence day is about a one week away; which means soon it will be time to fire up the grill, pull out the fireworks, turn on some music, and party with the family !  So, I have three outfits today and they’re all inspired by the upcoming 4th of July holiday.  Of course, I would add flats to every single one of these looks because, lets be for real, who’s going to have fun at a barbecue with heels on!  Check them out below!

Maxi Dress + Summer “It” Bag


DressForever 21  Crossbody Forever 21  HeelsASOS  NecklaceForever 21

Statement Sunnies + Denim on Denim


Top New York & Company  JeansH&M  CrossbodyTopshop  SunglassesSoleil

Red, White, & Blue + Leopard Print


TopASOS  ShortsH&M  HeelsSteve Madden  Bag (Similar)New York & Company

I know it’s going to be hot during the holiday, but hopefully by checking out this post, you’ll be able to come up with some stylish and comfy looks regardless.  And remember, there’s nothing wrong with being patriotic, yet chic at the same time!

Speak to you soon!


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3 Ways to Add Color to Your Closet this Summer

Go For A Rainbow Bright Top


TopWho What Wear™  JeansH&M  BagForever 21  HeelsAldo  ShadesOld Navy

This top is giving me total 90’s vibes.  So, I continued the trend with my favorite pair of boyfriend jeans and these sharp block heels from Aldo.  A simple way to add color to your wardrobe is to try a splash of vibrant color with one piece of clothing.  Keep the rest of your wardrobe neutral.

Wear A Brightly Colored Blazer


BlazerZara  BodysuitH&M  JeansH&M  HeelsZara  BagZara  LippieSephora

I am a huge fan of blazers because they add instant polish to a casual ensemble.  They’re perfect for the workday as well as nighttime shenanigans!  Most stick to black, grey, navy, or some other neutral color.  But for the summer, I decided to add a brightly colored blazer to my wardrobe.  Yellow is one of my favorite summer colors and I feel that it looks good against most skin tones. This one can be worn over anything because it’s a solid color.  So, you better believe that I will be rocking this one all summer long.

Step Out In A Bright Skirt


Bodysuit ASOS  SkirtNew York & Company  HeelsSteve Madden  BagForever 21

If you really want to make an impactful statement this summer, choose a bold and vibrant skirt!!!   I am in love with this beautiful, flowy skirt from New York & Company!  The multicolored stripes make for such a brilliant complement to my simple black top and it adds intensity to an otherwise basic outfit.

What are some ways that you add color to your wardrobe during the summer months?

Let me know in the comments below!!!

Speak to you soon!


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