Casual Friday: My Go-to’s for Comfort and Style

Happy Friday Lovelies! I’ve found that the easiest way to get dressed and still look stylish without all of the extra work (for those days when I need to just get up and go) is to reach for a pair of blue jeans and a white tee shirt.


They’re my go-to’s for a casual look because they’re classic and cool.  I add a pair of heels, cute jewelry, and an over-sized tote to create a comfortably stylish look.


The key to looking stylish while wearing a white tee and jeans is the crispness of the t-shirt as well as statement pieces.  I purchase new white t-shirts often because I like for them to be “new white” and we know that white can get dingy quickly.


And great statement pieces can range anywhere from a brightly colored skinny scarf to a bold colorful clutch.  The options are endless.


These mule heels are my favorite piece in my look above. I found them at Aldo on the clearance rack and I had to have them.


This is one 90’s trend that I am happy to see come back.  I’ve worn them so many times since I bought them so I know I will get my money’s worth.


TopH&M  JeansH&M  HeelsAldo  ToteH&M  JewelryNew York & Company

How would I make this look even more stylish? Layer it with a black blazer.  A blazer will take your very casual look up a notch to a more dressy casual look in no time.

What are you go-to’s for comfortable yet stylish looks?  Let me know in the comments below.

Speak to you soon!



Happy Wednesday Lovelies. Today I’m speaking about one of my biggest flaws: CONSISTENCY!  My lack of consistency has been a constant issue throughout my life, and I’m working hard to overcome it.


I think I’ve mentioned my problem with being consistent numerous times before.  If you’be been reading my blog for a while, then you know that your girl has been quite inconsistent with my posts. Sometimes it’s because I just become discouraged, overwhelmed, or uninspired.  I have a good run for about 2-3 weeks; then I fall off.


My scheduled posts are Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. And I want to make an effort to ensure that I post on those days. So I’ve decided to try this consistency guide that was created by Cindy from IAM.PRIIINCESSS.COM. She gives great tips on becoming a better blogger.  And it’s all centered around being consistent.


So for the next 90 days, I will be extremely focused on CONSISTENCY. I want to see what a difference this will make on my blog.


TopASOS  PantsH&M  PumpsBCBgeneration  BagMichael Kors

And I’m going to need your help. I want you to hold me accountable.  Now that you know what my blogging schedule is supposed to be, if you notice that I have not posted on one of those days (Monday, Wednesday, or Friday), shoot me an email and asked me why I haven’t posted.  Also, if there are specific topics or looks that you want to see, email me or leave your thoughts in the comments below.   I’m always willing to post more of what interests my subscribers!  So here’s to August and the next 90 days! I’m striving for growth as a blogger and as a person.  And I hope you will help me with that growth!

Speak to you soon!


Own It! Defining Your Personal Style


The Office-to-happy hour dress (4)

Personal style is an outward expression of your personality through fashion. For most women, it’s not until we reach our late twenties and early thirties that we finally determine our personal style. We discover what works and doesn’t work for us. We stop trying to look good for others and strive to look and feel good for ourselves.  This is something that just comes with age and maturity.  I think I speak for most women when I say that at age 30, I know my best features, my favorite pieces of clothing, what looks good on me, what I should never wear, and what pieces make me feel amazing!  These discoveries are a result of determining my personal style.  Below, I have listed some tips that helped me on the journey to discovering my personal style.

img_4357Choose pieces that accentuate your best features and assets.  Every woman is beautiful…

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Make a Statement: Why I Started Blogging

Happy Monday Lovelies! This blogging journey has been amazing. I’m learning so much about myself and I’ve been meeting so many great women! Though I love reading and browsing other blogs, I never thought that I would be a blogger myself.


But it was after I had my son that I decided that this was something that I really wanted to do. After having my son, I became obsessed with getting back to my pre baby body. I dieted and exercised for months until I actually got down to 10 lbs less than my pre baby body. But guess what! My body still wasn’t the same. It was different. I had/have a little pudge that won’t go away (don’t let the girdle fool you) and stretch marks, and cellulite, etc.


But honestly, I didn’t  have time to worry about that stuff anymore. There were more important things to worry about; like my son that I’m trying to raise to be the best person he can be. So, I learned/am learning to accept and love my body the way it is.


On my journey to acceptance, I began to love fashion again as well. And so began my journey to becoming a blogger. I wanted to show off this new body of mine and I wanted to encourage women to love their bodies as well. And what better way to do this than through blogging.


It’s not always an easy journey. And I don’t always feel beautiful but it’s worth it if I can help other women discover their own beauty.


DressASOS  HeelsAldo  BagH&M  JewelryForever 21

However, today is one of those days that I feel beautiful and sexy! I have curves and I love them!! It’s a great feeling. So I hope that this post and all of my posts inspire you to love yourself not in spite of but because of your flaws. They make you you! Happy Monday and remember to love yourself!

Speak to you soon!



One Color That Looks Great on All Women


Be the One to Stand Out

The One Color that looks great on all women

Every season magazine editors list new trends that are all the rave.  Then other fast fashion industries such as New York & Company, Zara, and H&M scramble to implement these trends into their seasonal lineups. We, the consumers, then go out and purchase these trendy items because we believe they’re what’s in right now.  Well, I will tell you that I’m not a “trendy” person. My style is pretty simple and doesn’t change much. But I do like to incorporate a few trendy pieces in the mix if they work with my style.

This spring, many new colors, styles, and prints were on the list of what’s trendy this season.  Some of the trends mentioned were khakis, gingham print, statement stripes, floral, etc. But the one trend that got my attention is yellow! I know you’re like, “Really, that’s what you came up with?”…

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Werk Girl: Transition Your Outfit from the Office to Happy Hour


Women wear multiple hats. We are mothers, wives, bosses, entrepreneurs, friends, advisers, etc.  We chauffeur, we mentor, we entertain, we cook, we clean, and we work all while trying to look presentable.  And to be honest, some of us just give up on looking presentable.  It can be exhausting!  The last thing we have time to be worried about is what to wear to the office, or to that business meeting, or to dinner with friends after work.  I mean who has time to put together outfits when your main focus is ensuring that the rest of your world is running smoothly.  The answer is no one.

This is where I come in.  For us women that are pressed for time, we need to be able to pull together items that are already in our closet to create looks.  And of course, these looks need to help us feel extra…

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Casual Friday: Pink Top + Black Pants

Happy Friday!  It’s so important to try new things when it comes to fashion.  I know most of us have our personal style preferences pretty much figured out but it doesn’t hurt to switch it up a bit.


I say this because this top that I’m wearing normally wouldn’t have caught my attention because it has so much going on.  I usually go for a more simpler look as you can tell from my previous posts.


But for some reason, when I saw this top, I was like, “I’m gonna try this on”.  I think it was because it was on sale!  But either way, I tried it on and loved it.


It’s from Topshop and I’m not going to lie, some of there clothes fit me rather strangely (not their jeans though).  This top fit perfectly, however.  So I bought it.


It’s now one of my faves!  I love the high structured neckline and the wrap front.  And the side has a little belt the cinches my waist in a bit.  Who doesn’t want a snatched waist!


TopTopshop  HeelsSteve Madden  BagJustFab  PantsTopshop

It’s a very smart, stylish piece! And I love it! I hope you have a wonderful Friday and an even better weekend.  See you Monday with more great pieces!

Speak to you soon!