Let Me Style You

It’s not often that we get all jazzed up for a special event.  That’s why their “special”.  So when you get the chance to attend an event that requires you to dress to impress, you should go all out with it.  Put on some nice makeup, get your hair done, and make sure your dress is super fly! I want to make sure you really experience the all-star treatment when preparing for a special event.  You will look beautiful!  But most importantly, you will feel beautiful.  All eyes will be on you!

Special Event Styling

First, we will have a consultation to discuss what you are looking to wear to this event. We will also discuss your do’s and don’t’s for your look.  Next, I will send you a few samples of pieces that align with what we discussed in our consultation.  You will communicate the pieces that you love and dislike.  With a better understanding of what you are looking for, we will schedule some time to go out to the stores and try on some pieces.  Once we decide on your main piece for the event, we will move on to accessories, shoes, makeup, and hair!  Now let’s get started!

Let me style you for your next event!  I do it all!

Some Special Events That I Style For:

  • Business Events
  • Speaking Engagements
  • Concerts
  • Formal Dinner Dates/Cocktail Party
  • Formal/Informal Ball
  • Your own personal events (Wedding Anniversary, Milestone Birthday Party, etc)
  • Church Events
  • Office Parties
  • Wedding Guest
  • Photoshoots
  • Plays/Concerts
  • And any other events!

Please inquire for more details at Officiallychic1@yahoo.com