Make a Statement – 3 Tips for Wearing all Black

My favorite color to wear is black; mainly, because it’s slimming and it hides the bulge; also, because it gives me that effortlessly chic look without having to try too hard. Black just looks good! I love it but, if it isn’t worn correctly, black can look drab and boring. So I have listed a few tips to keep in mind when wearing all black. I hope this helps you out!


Blazer H&M  TopASOS PantsOld Navy  PumpsBCBG  BagAldo

1. Make sure the black is crisp and fresh; meaning, not faded unless you’re going for that look. My purpose for wearing black is usually to look chic and effortless. A less washed out black gives you that look. Also to add to the fresh and crispness, keep a lint brush on hand. As you probably know, black picks up a lot of lint. So try to carry around a small lint brush to keep your black looking clean and fresh.

2. Fit is also important. The good thing about black is that it’s slimming. The benefit of black being slimming is that your clothes can be more fitted. So if you want to show off your curves, black is the perfect color for that. Go for shape instead of shapeless.

3. Add a statement piece. Wearing all black makes a statement all on its own. But, adding one stand out piece whether it is an antique-style statement necklace like the one I have on in this photo, a statement bag, a bright colored shoe, or even a bright colored blazer, is sure to add that extra pop to your all black ensemble. A pop of color on your lip can do the trick as well.

How do you wear your black?  Let me know in the comments below.  Speak to you soon!


4 thoughts on “Make a Statement – 3 Tips for Wearing all Black

  1. SB Chica says:

    Black is beautiful and I have quite a few pieces. In fact, I have several black dresses I wear around the house because I don’t want to look frumpy for my husband. So yes, I have black “house” dresses, instead of wearing sweats.

    My other black pieces are gorgeous, simply because they are black and of course I only have black “jeans”, no blues for me.

    I add silver, gold accessories to be sure, but I also add multi-colored shoes if not wearing huge jewelry statements already. I don’t want to drown out the accessory with too many “statements”


  2. Officially Chic says:

    Girl! I have a few black house dresses too! They’re a lot cuter and sexier than the typical lounge clothes. And yes I love black jeans! I find myself buying a couple pair every year just to avoid that faded look of my older ones. Love your style tips with the accessories!


  3. SB CHICA says:

    Have a tip regarding washing black jeans. Wash them only a couple times a year, if necessary. We tend to wash them too much, unless of course if you roll around in the mud, which I know you don’t.
    Wash the jeans, inside out in the sink, only with vinegar and let soak for half hour or less, gently massage. Rinse, then hang dry, inside out, either indoors or outside but NOT IN THE SUN. The “blackness” lasts for years. I’ve had my black jeans for three years and they have not faded!!!


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