How I Found the Perfect “Mom” Swimsuit


I have to say that finding a swimsuit that fits me in a way that makes me feel comfortable and sexy at the same time is  not the easiest task.  My body insecurities became very apparent when I decided to do a little swimsuit shopping for an upcoming pool party a couple weeks ago.  I started by ordering a couple swimsuits online from one of my favorite websites.


I wasn’t sure how and if the swimsuit would fit, so I ordered two of them in different sizes.  Once they got here (the day before the party), I tried one of the swimsuits on. It was this pretty green color that looked perfect against my skin.  The fit wasn’t too bad but there was no support for my boobs.  So, it was a “no” for me.


The next morning I decided to head to Target to see what I could find there.  And that is where the adventure really began.


Note: Since having Elijah, I have not worn a two piece swimsuit (for obvious reasons).  But for some reason, I convinced myself that I would give it a try this Summer.  I went into Target actually thinking that I would find a two piece swimsuit that would be so perfect that I would actually flaunt it at somebody’s pool party.


Well, I got to Target’s swimsuit section and was in heaven because there were so many options.  It’s important to note that most of the swimsuits were in Juniors sizes (you’ll understand the importance of that notation very soon).  I started pulling all of these pieces that I thought would be perfect for me.  I chose mostly high waist bottoms and tops that I hoped would fit my boobs.  I also picked up a few one piece swim suits as well.


I started with this blue floral strappy halter bikini top and this high waist strappy bikini bottom.  Now to be honest, the top held my boobs up perfectly, but I didn’t feel too comfy in the bottoms.  So, I moved on to a few more; But I continued to find reasons that I didn’t like them.  Either my boobs looked horrible in them, my stomach was too pudgy, my butt was too big, or the suit was just too small altogether.  I went back and forth to that dressing room hoping that I would finally find the right swimsuit, only to be disappointed every time.  After my third trip to the dressing room ended in more disappointment, I decided to get out of there.  I threw everything on the shelf and walked back to the front of Target to head out.  On my way out, I noticed a small section of  very modest swimsuits by the brand Merona.  Now these swimsuits weren’t as colorful and flashy as the ones in the Juniors section, but I still decided to give them a try.


I picked up about 4 of them (here, here, here, and here).  Y’all when I tell you that every one of those swimsuits fit perfectly!!!! I was so freaking happy!!!  They gave my boobs all the support they needed.  My little pudge was perfectly concealed,  and my butt looked great!  Plus, I felt sexy in every swimsuit.  Now, the only problem was deciding which one I would keep.  I ended up keeping the green and fuchsia ones so that I could try them on again at home.  As you can see below, the green swimsuit won in the end.


Y’all I realized that I am not a teeny bopper who can just go into a store and find a swimsuit (I kinda already knew this).  I’m a grown woman whose body is not perfect but still worthy of the perfect swimsuit.  I’m so glad that there are brands like Merona that take all of my curves into consideration when making swimsuits.  It was such a relief and I felt so confident and sexy in my swimsuit when I unveiled it at the pool party.  And isn’t that always the goal when it comes to personal styling.  Thank you Target and Merona for helping me find the perfect swimsuit!!!!


The truth of the matter is, after having babies, unless you’re a unicorn, our bodies are transformed and it’s very hard to accept that.  But you must. I must.  I have all of these new stretchmarks, cellulite, extra skin, etc. that are mostly permanent (unless I decide to get surgery which I am not against) that I am still learning to get used to.  And trying on swimsuits really brought back those very real insecurities.  But I’m glad I didn’t let them get the best of me while swimsuit shopping.


SwimsuitTarget  Cover UpTarget  EarringsTarget  SunglassesTarget

After my experience, I decided to write this post because 1) I wanted to let y’all know that it’s okay to not fully like certain parts of your body (but you should love it), 2) I’m not all the way there when it comes to fully embracing my new body like I thought I was, 3) There is a perfect swimsuit out there for everyone, and 4) If you don’t feel good in your swimsuit, don’t wear it.  However, if you love it, you better rock that thing like you are Beyonce’ strutting across the stage on her OTRII tour!!!


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3 thoughts on “How I Found the Perfect “Mom” Swimsuit

  1. Ashley at Armadillo Bulldog says:

    I love the Merona brand from Target. I’ve been shopping in that aisle since I was a “Junior” myself. They seem to really quality items as well, I have some (really great fitting) jeans that have lasted me the past decade of abuse, and they were totally affordable too. Swim suits are so hard, it’s such a treat when you find one that looks nice, let alone options!


  2. autumn says:

    You LOOK amazing. I love the color you picked out. I can completely relate to the mom swimsuit issue. I also am in a consistent fight with my self when it comes to mom halloween costumes. Either I am scary witch, sexy maid or in an adult onesie as a cow. LOL.


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